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Twenty Essex

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Heads of Chambers: Duncan Matthews QC, Stephen Atherton QC
CEO: Jemma Tagg
Practice Directors:
Arron Zitver DD: 020 7842 1205 Mobile: 07908 256 043
Christopher Theobald DD: 020 7842 1210 Mobile: 07983 403 900
Anthony Carroll DD: 020 7842 1230 Mobile: 07928 655 787

Practice Managers:

Tara Shah DD: 020 7842 1226 Mobile: 07958 046 206
Rachael Osborne DD: 020 7842 1204 Mobile: 07860 958 117
George Bennett DD: 0207 842 6707 Mobile: 07921 835 856
Tenants: 97

THE CHAMBERS A leading commercial set of chambers, the barristers of Twenty Essex offer outstanding legal minds combined with a modern and commercial disputes experience. Its clients include major global compa- nies, institutions, governments and their advisors from around the world and its barristers advise and appear as advocates in court or arbitration in relation to a broad range of company and commercial, EU, competition, and public international law disputes. Practices involve the preparation and conduct of litigation before a wide range of courts and tribunals, in the UK, in foreign jurisdictions as well as on the international stage.

The vast majority of the work is international in nature and the set has well-established links to many overseas markets, including through its Asian hub in Singapore servicing clients throughout Asia Pacific and beyond. The set is also home to a number of highly respected domestic and international arbitrators and mediators, some of whom were previously judges either in the UK or overseas.

Commercial Dispute Resolution:
Members advise and act in relation to the full spectrum of commercial dis- putes and have particular expertise in disputes with an international dimension. Virtually all members deal with aspects of EU law and are amongst the leaders in their field for EU competition law, EU jurisdiction and Brexit advice. Areas of commercial expertise include: ADR, aviation, banking and finance, chancery, company and part- nership, civil fraud, construction, energy and natural resources, IT, insolvency and restructuring, insurance/re- insurance, IP, media disputes, professional negligence and sports law.

Insolvency, Company Law & Offshore: Members are well known for their expertise in contentious and non- contentious restructurings, insolvency law and company law, spanning all business and industry sectors. They regularly advise and represent insolvency office-holders, companies, creditors, shareholders and company direc- tors and have been heavily involved in many of the recent major restructurings and insolvencies. Members are valued for their offshore expertise and handle a high volume of instructions in this area.

Public International Law: Twenty Essex is pre-eminent in public international law. The specialist members regularly provide legal and strategic advice to States and other parties and appear before English courts at all levels in cases in which issues of public international law arise, as well as before international courts and tribunals. Members also have a wealth of experience in investor state disputes.

International Arbitration: Twenty Essex has a strong reputation as a leading arbitration set. It has a team of 15 leading full time international arbitrators in addition to barrister members who act as advocates and arbitrators in international commercial disputes under the auspices of all of the major institutions as well as ad hoc and special- ist commodity tribunals. Members also accept appointments as inquiry chairs, mediators and experts.

Shipping & International Trade: The set has an outstanding reputation for all aspects of shipping and interna- tional trade disputes, involving admiralty, construction, energy, finance, insurance, insolvency and restructuring, international trade, commodities and international maritime law.


Duncan Matthews QC (1986) (QC-2002)

Stephen Atherton QC (1989) (QC-2006)

Alexander Layton QC (1976) (QC-1995)

Timothy Young QC (1977) (QC1996)

Christopher Hancock QC (1983) (QC-2000)

Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC (1988) (QC-2003)

Philip Edey QC (1994) (QC-2009)

Timothy Hill QC (1990) (QC-2009)

Paul Lowenstein QC (1988) (QC-2009)

Michael Coburn QC (1990) (QC2010)

Charles Kimmins QC (1994) (QC-2010)

Gordon Nardell QC (1995) (QC2010)

Michael Ashcroft QC (1997) (QC2011)

Lawrence Akka QC (1991) (QC2012)

Sara Masters QC (1993) (QC-2012)

Michael Collett QC (1995) (QC-2013)

David Lewis QC (1999) (QC-2014)

Thomas Raphael QC (1999) (QC2015)

Wendy Miles QC (2020) (QC2015)

Sudhanshu Swaroop QC (1997) (QC-2016)

Julian Kenny QC (1997) (QC-2016)

Guglielmo Verdirame QC (2006) (QC-2019)

Nakul Dewan SA (2014) (SA-2019)

Henry Byam-Cook QC (2000) (QC-2020)

Blair Leahy QC (2001) (QC-2020)

Philip Riches QC (2001) (QC-2020)

Sir Michael Wood (1968)

Karen Maxwell (1992)

Julie Anderson (1993)

Malcolm Jarvis (1998)

Susannah Jones (1999)

Andrew Fulton (1999)

Zannis Mavrogordato (1999)

Sean Snook (2000)

Socrates Papadopoulos (2001)

Angharad Parry (2002)

Simon Olleson (2002)

Colleen Hanley (2003)

Christopher Newman (2003)

Simon C Milnes (2005)

Tony Beswetherick (2003)

Daniel Bovensiepen (2004)

Josephine Davies (2006)

Stefan Talmon (2007)

Patricia Edwards (2006)

Harris Bor (2006)

Sarah Tresman (2008)

Luke Pearce (2007)

Albert Dinelli (2014)

Penelope Nevill (2010)

Rupert Hamilton (2010)

Thomas Corby (2011)

Mahnaz Malik (2012)

Oliver Caplin (2012)

Alex Carless (2012)

Thomas Leary (2012)

Richard Greenberg (2013)

Matthew McGhee (2013)

Andrew Feld (2013)

Andrew Dismore (2013)

Monica Feria-Tinta (2014)

Belinda McRae (2014)

Alexander Thompson (2014)

Kate Parlett (2015)

John Bethell (2014)

Sam Goodman (2015)

Alistair Wooder (2015)

Jonathon Ketcheson (2016)

Philippa Webb (2016)

Mark Tushingham (2016)

Patrick Dunn-Walsh (2012)

Michael Hain (2017)

Fiona Whiteside (2017)

Matthew Chan (2018)

Edward Gilmore (2018)

James Gardner (2018)

Maria Kennedy (2018)

Fiona Petersen (2018)

Paolo Busco (2017)

The Honorable Charles Brower +

Michael Lee +

David St John Sutton + J

William Rowley QC +

Malcolm Holmes QC +

The Honourable Yves Fortier QC +

Sir Bernard Rix +

David Owen QC +

Michael Tselentis QC +

Dr Julian Lew QC +

Dr Michael Moser +

Sir Martin Moore-Bick +

Sir Mark Havelock-Allan +

Clare Ambrose +

Judith Gill QC +

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