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Head of Chambers: Mr Alan Toby Hedworth QC
Chambers Director: Tim Harris, Chris Lucarelli (Business Development)
Criminal Clerks: Liam Gorman, Stephanie Foster
Civil Clerks: Steve Walker, Bethany Thompson
Family Clerks: Steven Preen, Ken McLafferty, Paula Clark
Teesside Clerks: Chris Gibbin, Fiona Bullock
Tenants: 8

Trinity Chambers, established in 1954, operating from Newcastle upon Tyne and Middlesbrough. Trinity Chambers abides by its equality and diversity policies, copies of which are available on reques

Tenancies, Common Agricultural Policy, livestock, conservation, renewables and equine.
ADR: Mediation and arbitration. Three qualified IFLA Arbitrators, one Civil Arbitrator and six Mediators.
Business: Insolvency, company, partnership and commercial disputes, directors’ duties, disqualifications.
Chancery: Probate, Inheritance Act, Trusts of Land, property disputes, housing, landlord and tenant.
Costs: Several members sit as Deputy District Judges, costs budgeting, appeals and CCMCs.
Court of Protection, Mental Health & Care Act: Community care, deprivation of liberty, abuse, capacity.
Crime: Instructed by prosecution and defence in often high profile cases of murder, manslaughter, POCA.
Employment: National reputation for equal pay, discrimination, whistleblowing, redundancy, TUPE.
Family & Matrimonial Finance: Care, adoption, honour violence, ancillary relief, TOLATA.
Immigration: Points based system, entry clearance, UK Border Agency, asylum and human rights issues.
Judicial Review: Immigration, human rights, procurement, regulatory, licensing and planning.
Licensing: Alcohol, taxis, premises, firearms, sex industry, gaming, betting and judicial review.
Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence: Small claims, fast-track and multi-track matters, credit hire.
Planning & Environment: Inquiries, appeals, enforcement, Judicial review, environmental protection.
Regulatory: Fitness to practise NMC, HCPC, GMC, Trading Standards, health and safety, inquests.


Toby Hedworth QC (1975) (QC-1986)

Stephen Duffield (1969)

Glenn Gatland (1972)

Christopher Knox (1974)

Anthony Hawks (1975)

Paul Reid (1975)

Jamie Adams (1978)

David Callan (1979)

John Wilkinson (1979)

John Campbell QC (1981) (QC-1998)

Jacqueline Smart (1981)

Paul Cross (1981)

James Richardson (1982)

Peter Walsh (1982)

Lesley McKenzie (1983)

Timothy Spain (1983)

John O’Sullivan (1984)

Susan Taylor (1987)

Caroline Goodwin QC (1988) (QC-2017)

Shaun Routledge (1988)

Andrew Rutter (1990)

Ros Scott Bell (1993) *

Katherine Dunn (1993)

Justin Gray (1993)

Nicholas Stonor QC (1993) (QC-2015)

Charles Holland (1994)

Jane Callan (1995)

Tom Mitchell (1995)

Paul Caulfield (1996)

Margaret Sweeting (1996)

Kevin Crawley (1998) *

Yvonne Taylor (1998)

Fiona Walker (1998)

Nicola Allan (1999)

Simon Goldberg (1999)

Rachel Hedworth (1999)

James Kemp (1999)

Kossar Kitching (1999)

Elizabeth Mendoza (1999)

Jonathan Rodger (1999)

Graham Bartlett (2000)

Paul Currer (2000)

Sue Hirst (2001)

Ruth Phillips (2001)

Chris Mitford (2001) *

Natasha Andrews (2002)

Joe Hedworth (2002)

Brian Mather (2002)

Henry Stevens (2002)

Katherine Wood (2002)

Jane Foley (2002)

Tony Cornberg (2003)

Jamie Anderson (2004)

Claire Brissenden (2004)

Antoine Tinnion (2004)

David Comb (2005)

Richard Stubbs (2005)

Will Byrne (2006)

Helen Hogben (2006)

Jamie Morgan (2006)

Rebecca Stokes-Herbst (2006)

Marian Cleghorn (2007)

James Marwick (2008) *

Andrew Crammond (2008)

Amanda Sehat (2009)

Morgan Brien (2010)

James McHugh (2010)

Patrick Goodings (2010)

Rebecca Suttle (2012)

Alice Richardson (2013)

Matthew Crowe (2013)

Kate Fenwick (2013)

Stephen Duffy (2013)

Verity Adams (2013)

Grace Morton (2014)

Nigel Kidwell (2015)

Alex Littlefair (2017)

Helen Marshall (2017)

Kieran O’Neill (2017)

Steven Reed (2017)

Chris Hegarty (2018)

Phillip Engelman (1979) *

Andrew Stafford QC (1980) (QC-2000) *

Francis FitzGibbon QC (1986) (QC-2010) *

Deveral Capps (1995) *

* Door Tenant