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Managing Partner: Jorge A. Torres González   
Senior Partner: Gustavo Morante Aguirre
Number of partners: 2
Number of other lawyers: 5

Dispute Resolution – Litigation:
Jorge A. Torres
Arbitration (Commercial, Investment & Sports Law): Gustavo Morante
Risk Prevention: Jorge A. Torres
International Procedural Cooperation: Gustavo Morante

Firm Overview:
Torres|Morante is a law firm that specialises in the prevention, management and effective solution of legal conflicts during each phase of civil and commercial relationships. The firm is capable of identify present and potential legal risks, and to design strategies that prevent and reduce such risks.

The practice is driven to advise national and international individuals and companies, so that they may conduct their businesses at a higher level of legal security, and when needed, to obtain the fulfillment and protection of their rights through alternative dispute resolution methods. The vast experience of the firm’s counselors in the practice of judicial litigation, as well as in commercial, investment and sports law arbitration, has developed in the firm the capacity to attend to issues with technical complexity and international focus.

Main Areas of Practice:
Dispute Resolution - Litigation:
Dispute Resolution - Arbitration: 30%
Risk Prevention: 25%
International Procedural Cooperation: 10%

Risk Prevention:
Specialised consulting to identify, prevent and reduce legal risks through development of legal relationships in commercial businesses, investment, sports law or matters of a civil nature. The firm provides guidance in the creation of the appropriate legal structure for a successful business development.

Dispute Resolution, Litigation - Arbitration:
■ Civil, Commercial & Family Litigation:

The firm is composed of experienced and talented litigators in various legal fields such as civil, commercial, family, human rights, financial, trust funds, corporate and protection law. Proven experience in matters of complex litigation located in different areas of the country, as well as in processes that require international cooperation
Commercial Arbitration:
The firm provides services of representation of clients in arbitration procedures, but also guidance throughout any negotiations and the drafting of arbitration clauses, as well as the execution proceedings pertaining to arbitral awards
■ Alternate Solution to Conflicts:
The efficiency in time and resources provides a cost-benefit to the clients that have been proven locally and internationally

International Private Law:
■ International Procedural Cooperation:
The need to execute procedural orders and sentences, exhibit evidence, issue notifications and other necessary procedural acts in countries different from the one of the main litigation, has become a matter of immense importance in judicial processes, as well as in regard to the area of commercial arbitration where there is a need to seek judicial assistance for arbitration to effectively execute precautionary measures, procedural orders, injunctive relief and awards
■ Investment Arbitration:
Services relating to mixed arbitrations (investor-state dispute settlement) in matters regarding foreign investment under the various existing Bilateral Investment Treaties, as well as under Free Trade Agreements which consider this option as a solution for legal disputes between the investor and the receiving State
■ Sports Law & Sports-Related Arbitration:
The firm has successfully represented clients before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) Lausanne, Switzerland

International Work:
The firm has supported colleagues from around the world in implementing rogatory letters, as well as in executing sentences and arbitral awards in Mexico. It has prepared a number of expert opinions of Mexican law that were presented before foreign courts in different jurisdictions.

English, Spanish.

■ Chemicals
■ Commercial & Professional Services
■ Construction
■ Consumer Product Manufacturing
■ Sports Law
■ Education
■ Health Care
■ Industrial Engineering
■ Insurance
■ Mining & Metals
■ Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
■ Private Clients
■ Real Estate Finance
■ Real Estate
■ Telecommunications

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