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Senior Managing Partner: Katsuro Tanaka Senior Partners: Eizo Matsuo, Tomohiro Tohyama, Yoshiyuki Inaba (Patent Attorney), Ryosuke Ito Number of attorneys: 421 (109 partners) Number of patent/trademark attorneys: 80 (15 partners) Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Hindi, Myanmar, Vietnamese Firm Overview: Established in 1990 by ten attorneys and one patent attorney, TMI Associates has experienced rapid growth in both numeric and geographic terms. TMI now has a total of 501 attorneys and patent/trademark attorneys, and it has grown to become the second largest law firm in Japan as of November 2018. The firm provides a wide range of global legal services through its Chinese, French and Indian practice groups located in its Tokyo office and its JV relationships with major international law firms.

Main Areas of Practice:


TMI provides highly professional advice for a wide range of corporate/M&A related matters, including large-scale cross-border transactions, going-private transactions, private equity investments, venture capital investments, joint ventures, responding to activist shareholders and formulating takeover defences. Since the firm is renowned for its IP practice area, its corporate/M&A team is extremely strong in IP-oriented industries, not only in the conventional life science, pharmaceutical and IT industries but also in the fast-growing FinTech and health-IT industries. After the opening of the Silicon Valley office in 2014, TMI has become renowned as a leading Japanese law firm in the field of investment in start-ups and provides valuable advice to domestic and global venture capital and corporate venture capital investors (CVCs).

TMI provides cutting-edge solutions in areas such as asset financing for real estate and project financing for urban development, renewable energy and social infrastructure, in addition to more conventional financial services such as banking and capital markets, investment fund and asset management, derivatives and structured products, and leveraged financing. TMI’s core expertise also extends to providing advice on financial regulations and investigations to protect the best interests of clients, both domestic and international. Working closely with its international network, TMI is able to provide seamless services on cross-border matters to a full range of financial market participants. Additionally, TMI is the first Japanese law firm to establish a FinTech Desk in its Tokyo office.

IP/Media/Entertainment/Telecommunications & Technology:
TMI is a leading law firm in Japan and worldwide in the practice areas surrounding IP, media, entertainment and telecommunications and technology through its unique and unparalleled ability to form teams with a combination of IP attorneys and expert patent attorneys. TMI also has unrivalled experience and achievements in legal matters concerning sports, movies, television, music and other entertainment areas. In the IP-related field, TMI is a pioneer in providing legal services concerning brands, trade secrets and content protection activities for its clients who include many of the world’s best-known brand companies, various international and domestic entertainment companies, major advertising agencies, newspaper companies, sports organisations, professional teams and Internet companies.

Dispute Resolution/Risk Management:
TMI is one of Japan’s leading litigation law firms, having handled hundreds of cases including commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, tax disputes, administrative disputes, and other types of matters worldwide. TMI is able to look at the nature of each case and form legal teams including lawyers who are also qualified as specialists in related fields, such as medical doctors, architects, accountants and patent attorneys, with diverse technological backgrounds. TMI is also highly regarded for its prominent legal services on risk management, which include advice on public relations legal practices, crisis management, corporate fraud investigations, dealing with anti-social forces and white-collar crimes.

TMI provides a wide range of services for its clients, from advising on M&A transactions and counselling on business and operational compliance with Japan’s antimonopoly laws, through to providing support in response to largescale investigations. The firm has significant experience in handling international antitrust and competition matters, such as international cartel cases, both throughout the Asian region and on a global basis.

TMI’s labour and employment attorneys provide practical, problem-solving legal advice to clients facing difficult and complex situations. TMI’s services cover the entire spectrum of labour and employment-related matters in Japan, including employment litigation, negotiation with labour unions, employment-related support for M&A deals and reorganisations, and investigations into harassment and other misconduct.

TMI’s tax team is primarily comprised of attorneys seconded to the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, attorneys qualified as tax accountants, certified public accountants, and attorneys and tax accountants who are former public prosecutors from the Special Investigations Department.

TMI has a wealth of experience in the field of energy projects including solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power generation projects. The firm is capable of providing a wide variety of services on energy projects, such as inbound transactions implemented by US, European and Asian investors and secondary transactions by way of business transfers, share deals and corporate split transactions involving multi-national parties.

Life Sciences:
TMI provides corporations and start-ups expanding globally in the life sciences and pharmaceutical/medical device fields with comprehensive and practical legal advice on establishing their business, licensing, public offerings, M&A and litigation. Maritime/Shipping: TMI’s maritime law team provides legal services on all aspects in relation to shipping and maritime matters, not only for shipping finance but also dry-shipping (carriage of goods by sea) and wet-shipping (safety of ships and marine casualty).


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