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Head of Chambers: Philip Rainey QC
Chief Executive: Eamonn Kelly
Tenants: 60

THE CHAMBERS Tanfield is a specialist property set and a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in real estate litigation. Operating from its own member-owned premises just outside Gray’s Inn, Tanfield adopts a flexible and ‘unfussy’ approach, and is committed to excellent client care. All members, from its silks to its ‘junior juniors’ pride themselves on being open, friendly and approachable and are supported by a responsive and helpful practice management team.

WORK UNDERTAKEN Under the inspirational leadership of Philip Rainey QC Tanfield Chambers has built on its long-standing reputation as the leading set for the specialist field of enfranchisement and residential property to broaden its expertise on all commercial property disciplines. Other areas of core expertise include general commercial disputes and a full range of private client.

Members of chambers write and lecture widely on real property issues and related topics. Recent/forthcoming publications include: Service Charges and Management: Law and Practice, (4th ed); Where is my boundary? (Nicholas Isaac QC); Business Premises: Possession & Lease Renewal — 6th Edition (Daniel Dovar).

The majority of members accept direct access instructions in appropriate cases.


Philip Rainey (1990) MCI Arb (QC-2010) A

Kerry Bretherton QC (1992) (QC-2016) A

Christopher Heather QC (1995) (QC-2017) A

Iain Mitchell QC (Scotland) (1976 Scotland) (2012 England) (QC Scotland 1992) A

Andrew Butler QC (2018)

Timothy Polli QC (2018)

Nicholas Isaac QC (2019)

David Guy (1972) FCI Arb A

Philip Conrath (1972) A

Stephen Monkcom (1974) A

Mark Dencer (1978)

Kerstin Boyd (1979) A

Simon Cheves (1980) A

Charles Joseph (1980) FCI Arb A

Sebastian Reid (1982) A

Mark Loveday (1986) MCI Arb A

Michael Bailey (1986) A

Christopher Bamford (1987)

John Buck (1987) A

Michael Buckpitt (1988) A

Christopher Maynard MCI Arb (1988) A

Gerald Wilson (1989) A

Phillip Aliker (1990) FCI Arb A

Catriona MacLaren (1993) A

Stan Gallagher (1994) A

Karen Jones (1995) A

Robert Bowker (1995) A

James Fieldsend (1997)

Stuart Frame (1997)

Piers Harrison (1997) A

Daniel Dovar (1997) A

Nicola Muir (1998) A

Alex Hormaeche (1998) A

Marc Glover (1999)A

Ellodie Gibbons (1999) A

Adrian Carr (1999) A

Rebecca Cattermole (1999) A

Carl Fain (2001) A

Olivia Murphy (2001) A

Tom Carpenter-Leitch (2002) A

Tim Hammond (2003) A

Amanda Gourlay (2004) A

Jonathan Upton (2004) A

Estelle Lear (2006) A

Gemma de Cordova (2006) A

Michael Walsh (2006) A

Gwyn Evans (2007) A

Sara Jabbari (2007)

Sam Madge-Wyld (2008)

Niraj Modha (2010) A

Richard Alford (2011) A

Diane Doliveux (2011)

James Hamerton-Stove (2012) A

Richard Granby (2012) A

Katy Gray (2013) A

Will Beetson (2015) A

James Castle (2015)

Chloe Sheridan (2015) A

Edward Blakeney (2016) A

Mitchell Hayden-Cook (2016)