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Managing Partner: Javier Tamayo Jaramillo
Senior Partners: Margarita Rosa Jaramillo Cossio, Laura Castaño Echeverri, Carlos Andrés González Galvis, Luis Miguel Gómez Gómez, Daniel Ossa Gómez
Number of partners: 6
Number of other lawyers: 8

Dispute Resolution:
Luis Miguel Gómez Gómez and Laura Castaño Echeverri
Insurance: Javier Tamayo Jaramillo and Carlos Andrés González Galvis
Liability in General: Javier Tamayo Jaramillo and Laura Castaño Echeverri
Energy & Natural Resources: Daniel Ossa Gómez and Margarita Rosa Jaramillo Cossio
Transportation Liability: Javier Tamayo Jaramillo and Margarita Rosa Jaramillo Cossio
Product Liability: Javier Tamayo Jaramillo and Daniel Ossa Gómez

Firm Overview:

Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados is a law firm with over 35 years of experience in the fields of insurance, tort and transport law. The firm’s founder, Javier Tamayo Jaramillo, is a former justice of the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice (from 1994 to 1996), and is the author of several books and papers on torts, transportation law, medical malpractice, state liability, class and group actions, and constitutional law.

In 2002, the firm assumed the name of Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados, to reflect the fact that they were a firm of specialised legal services. Since then, it has seen its number of associates and clients increase rapidly. All of the firm’s lawyers have gained — or are in the process of obtaining — postgraduate degrees from Colombian or foreign universities, and are fluent in Spanish, English, French and German.

The firm has its main offices in Medellín and Bogotá and they handle cases in courts throughout the country. The main areas of practice include insurance claims, civil and state liability, contract law, carrier’s liability, directors’ liability, class and group actions, as well as litigation and arbitration in these fields. The firm also works with foreign law firms providing specialised advice on the Colombian legal system and preparing affidavits to submit before their own national courts.

Main Areas of Practice:

Dispute Resolution: 25%
Energy & Natural Resources: 5%
Insurance: 40%
Product Liability: 2%
Liability in General: 13%
Transportation: 15%

Dispute Resolution:
The firm is especially equipped to handle litigation in a variety of areas, in courtrooms and before arbitration tribunals throughout the country.

Energy & Natural Resources:
The firm has provided counsel and legal representation in diverse important cases in Colombia, dealing with environmental contamination.

The firm is well known for providing advice to insurance and reinsurance companies in complaints and claims adjustment. It is also renowned because of the intense litigation activity related with insurance and major claims. The firm is distinguished for the good management of financial and banking insurance policies.

Product Liability & Liability in General:
The firm is well known because of the quality of the litigation activity related with product liability, medical malpractice, directors’ liability, claims adjustment, professional liability, and liability in general. The firm is recognised for managing contractual and non contractual matters, before court or before arbitration tribunals. Finally, the firm is renowned for the management of class actions.

The firm’s attorneys can provide counsel and legal representation in cases before ordinary courts and arbitration tribunals regarding transportation contracts and aircraft accidents.

International Work:
The firm is well known for providing advice to reinsurance companies, airlines and foreign law firms.

Languages: English, French, Spanish.

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