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Colombia Insurance
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Our firm provide advice in legal and technical situations related to insurance contracts. Particularly, the firm attends judicial and extrajudicial claims, objections and reconsiderations, among others, in matters of:

  • Personal insurance: life insurance, personal accident insurance, hospitalization and surgery insurance.
  • Compliance and liability insurance: general liability insurance (with all its special coverages, particularly product liability insurance), compliance bonds, credit insurance, directors and officers insurance, professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, fidelity and financial risks insurance .
  • Damage and property insurance: transport insurance associated with any mode of transport (road, river, rail, maritime and air), fire insurance, loss of profit insurance, construction and assembly insurance.

Our role also extends to assisting our clients in all legal aspects related to the insurance contract, including advice on the design and structuration of the insurance program, the handling of judicial and arbitration proceedings related to this contract, representing the insurer, the insured and, in the case of liability insurance and personal insurance, also the beneficiaries.

Likewise, we are adjusters in claims of all types of policies, particularly in compliance and liability policies.

Finally, we also advise on reinsurance matters (proportional and non-proportional, and the different categories within them).

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Carlos Andrés González Galvis

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