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Managing Partner: Sultan Al-Abdulla
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 16 (including partners)
Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu

Firm Overview:
Established in 1999 by Sultan Al-Abdulla, one of Qatar’s most experienced and respected lawyers, Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners (SAP) is a full-service law firm based in Qatar and was awarded the 2017 Qatar Law Firm of the Year by LexisNexis. SAP provides a wide range of legal services in both non-contentious and contentious matters and its clients range from multinational companies and international law firms to local public entities and business houses. As a full service firm with a proven track record in both contentious (litigation/arbitration) and non-contentious work, the firm offers clients additional perspectives on their transactions and are regularly approached, and relied upon, by the largest international firms, such as Magic Circle firms, for litigation work and on intricate matters of Qatari law.

Main Areas Of Practice:
Agency & Franchise
Banking & Finance
Construction & Engineering
Corporate & M&A
Commercial & Transactional
Dispute Resolution (Arbitration & Litigation)
Employment & Immigration
Events & Sporting
Intellectual Property
Real Estate
Regulatory & Compliance
Telecom, Media & Technology

Agency & Franchise:

■Advised a leading trading and contracting company on its agency agreement to import and resell its related products in the State of Qatar Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Advised a UAE food company regarding its distribution agreement with its Qatari distributor Partner – Will Cattan
■Represented a European sports equipment manufacturer in regards to a distributorship dispute with a Qatari distributor Partner– Ashraf Feshawi
■Advised an international shoe manufacturer based in Singapore on its rights and liabilities in termination a non-exclusive retail and wholesale license agreement with a leading Qatari fashion brand Partner– Salman Mahmood

Banking & Finance:
■Advised a bank in London on security documentation, including a personal guarantee of a Qatari individual, in connection with a Master Murabaha Agreement to finance the acquisition of a yacht Partner– William Cattan
■Advised a foreign contractor on efforts to obtain the release of hundreds of millions of Qatari Riyals being held by a Qatar bank in a contractor-established bank account in Doha Partner– William Cattan
■Advised a leading accounting and auditing firm on a project to establish a public joint stock company that will acquire a mall and several towers worth approximately USD 10 billion Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Advised a British multinational bank in an approximately five year, $25 million finance transaction for a Qatari holding company Partner– William Cattan
■Advised a leading Indian bank in its offering of secured loan facilities to its private banking customers against standby letter of credit from Qatar based investment banks Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Advised a Japanese finance company on ways of establishing leasing arrangements by providing loans in relation to automated passenger checkpoints that will be installed in the airports Partner– Salman Mahmood

Construction & Engineering:
■Advised and assisted on a new residential project in Qatar on matters of early unlawful termination and damages amounting to QR 200 million Partners– Sultan Al-Abdulla, Ashraf Feshawi, Salman Mahmood
■Rendered an expert report in an arbitration case between a large Chinese state-owned hydropower engineering construction company against a Qatari real estate developer on the interpretation of contracts under Qatari law Partners– Will Cattan, Sultan Al-Abdulla
■Advising the company on developing a strategy, including Qatar court options, against a prominent Qatari in order to seek the enforcement of a USD 4 billion English court judgment Partner– Will Cattan
■Advised and assisted a leading Spanish contractor in its dispute with the public electrical and water supply company relating to the design, construction, testing, commissioning of the new reverse osmosis water station located north of Doha Partner – Salman Mahmood
■Advised and assisted a leading European design consultant in a potential claim against the consulting engineers and architects relating to a large-scale development and primary infrastructure, marine, earthworks and site preparation works contract Partner– Salman Mahmood

Corporate & M&A:
■Advised an international law firm regarding legal and regulatory requirements applicable to M&A and Capital Markets activities in Qatar Partner – William Cattan
■Advised and assisted the managements of two multinational tech corporations in relation to the merger of their mobility business across Europe resulting in a combined company revenue of approximately €15.3 billion Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Assisted a British multinational defense technology corporation, on the requirements in relation to dissolution as set out in the joint venture agreement and with the relevant legal requirements applicable to the winding up of companies incorporated under the Qatar Science and Technology Park Free Zone Regulations Partner – Salman Mahmood

Commercial & Transactional:
■Advised Qatar’s premier investor in food and agribusiness with respect to its claim for indemnity against a leading insurance company in Qatar Partner– William Cattan
■Advised and assisted a Turkish construction conglomerate on entering into a settlement agreement with a leading contractor in the Gulf regarding the release of outstanding payment from our client Partner– Salman Mahmood)
■Advised a Qatari shareholding company as an entity to a joint venture that entered into a contract with the state-owned railway company, for the construction of a subway line Partner – Salman Mahmood

Dispute Resolution:
■Represented the Contractor against a government entity in annulment proceedings of an ICC Arbitration Award in the amount of QAR 200 million concerning the construction of the new Doha International Airport Partners– Sultan Al-Abdulla, Ashraf Feshawi
■Represented a holding company in a real-state dispute valued at QAR 2.5 billion Partners – Sultan Al-Abdulla, Ashraf Feshawi
■Representing a Korean Contractor as Co-counsel with an international law firm in an ICC Arbitration valued over US$ 2.6 billion for the offshore construction of a pipeline project Partner– Sultan Al-Abdulla
■Advised on and representing a consortium in a construction dispute with a governmental entity worth QR 5.1 billion Partners– Ashraf Feshawi

Employment & Immigration:
■Advised a regional media group with respect to an employment dispute and sizeable compensation claim involving a former overseas journalist and station director Partners– Sultan Al-Abdulla, Salman Mahmood
■Advised a leading technology solutions provider on the process of obtaining a residency permit in the State of Qatar as well as the rules and regulations governing the Wage Protection System Partner– William Cattan
■Defending a foreign company with a branch in Qatar against an end of service claim asserted by a former employee Partner– William Cattan

■Advised a Japanese oil and gas company on capital expenditure sharing principles under Development and Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) relating to the replacement of a pipeline at an offshore oil field and tie-in costs Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Represented a leading company specialising in oil, gas and petrochemicals against an international JV in relation to the construction of a gas-processing facility. The firm’s role was to enforce an ICC arbitration award in the amount of QR 200 million seated in Doha Partners– Sultan M. Al-Abdulla & Ashraf Feshawi
■Advised a leading Indian power corporation with respect to its claims against Qatar’s state owned electric and power company for a multimillion-dollar project which included the building of power transmission expansion systems and the installation of overhead lines Partner – Salman Mahmood

Events & Sporting:
■Advised and drafted documentation for a specialised sports equipment manufacturer in regards to distribution and agency arrangements in Qatar Partner – Salman Mahmood
■Advised and assisted on revising contracts in relation to hosting, staging and promoting a mega event in Qatar Partner– Salman Mahmood

Intellectual Property:
■Advised an Asian equipment manufacturer on a distributorship agreement, trademark license agreement, and related documentation Partner– Salman Mahmood
■Advised an engineering company with respect to a memorandum of understanding with an American subcontractor, on the transfer of license and intellectual property rights upon the completion of the project Partner – Salman Mahmood

Regulatory & Compliance:
■Advised a hedge fund and private equity group of corporations on the procedural requirements in setting up an LLC in Qatar Partner – Salman Mahmood

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