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Founding Partners: Valeriu Stoica, Cristiana I Stoica
Partners: Cătălina Dicu, Dan R Răducanu, Anca L Caraiola Buftea, Laura E Radu, Dragoş Bogdan, Veronica Dobozi, Valentina Preda, Oana Zamă, Andreea Micu, Bogdan Popescu, Cristina Frîncu
Number of lawyers: 38
Languages: English, French, Romanian

Firm Overview:
STOICA & Asociaţii was founded in November 1995, by the association of two pre-eminent Romanian lawyers, Professor Valeriu Stoica and Cristiana I Stoica. Business-like, pragmatic and responsive, the lawyers from STOICA & Asociaţii all graduated from the most reputable Romanian law schools, have excellent command of English and French, and are familiar with the high professional standards of the legal practice that the firm has adopted and applied constantly since its establishment. The firm’s early assignments included pilot privatisation projects, foreign investments, and providing permanent legal assistance to a large number of companies for their day-to-day operating activities. STOICA & Asociaţii assisted international project financing, capital market transactions, M&A and international contracts. As of today, the firm expertise is largely extended with various advisory work and complex litigation and arbitration in almost all fields of business, by assisting and representing multinational and international corporations as well as medium and small enterprises, either from Romania or abroad. In Romania, STOICA & Asociaţii is a member of the Bucharest Bar. The firm’s international professional contacts and associations include International Union of Lawyers (UIA) and World Link for Law (WLL).

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate, Commercial/M&A:
■ Assisting various companies/institutions in connection with a wide range of corporate services: corporate establishment, corporate governance, drafting, negotiating and amending all types of commercial contracts, advising on all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the client
Contacts: Cristiana I Stoica, Laura E Radu

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets:
■ Assisting and representing a group of important local banks in the administrative and judicial procedures related to the Giving in Payment Law: retroactivity issues, property rights, economic freedom, access to justice and the right to defence
■ Advising and delivering legal opinions to various major local banks in connection to a series of collective action claims initiated by the banks’ clients with regard to challenging of alleged abusive clauses contained in the credit contracts
■ Representing a major Romanian bank in a litigation against a fiscal deed concerning tax adjustments performed as result of fraudulent loans
■ Representing major banks in collective damages claims launched by the National Authority for Consumers Protection in a consortium litis with customers, with inter alia the objective of challenging the CHF credit contracts
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Cătălina Dicu, Dragoş Bogdan, Valentina Preda, Bogdan Popescu

Litigation & Arbitration:
■ Representing and assisting the Romanian regulatory authority in telecommunications (ANCOM) in a litigation regarding claims filed as a result of the issue of an alleged illegal decision
■ Representing and assisting one of the biggest construction banks in Romania in the contestation procedure of the decisions issued by the Court of Auditors regarding the application of the legislation regulating the savings and credit operations
■ Representing and assisting one of the biggest telecom operators in a contractual litigation case in which an intermediary company of high added value services filed a claim for damages against the operator for alleged contractual debts
■ Assisting and representing a major Romanian steel producer before ICC Paris against the Romanian Privatisation Authority (AVAS) in an international arbitration case related to the performance of the privatisation contract
■ Assisting and representing various private persons in major property restitution cases
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Cristiana I Stoica, Cătălina Dicu, Dan R. Răducanu, Laura Elena Radu, Anca L. Caraiola Buftea, Dragoş Bogdan, Veronica Dobozi, Oana Zamă, Bogdan Popescu, Valentina Preda, Cristina Frîncu

Restructuring & Insolvency:
■ Assisting and representing a Romanian bank in the insolvency procedure of a real estate developer
■ Assisting the biggest Romanian bank in connection with the full-fledged case management of a portfolio of more than 1,000 insolvency cases of microenterprises
■ Assisting and representing the biggest Romanian bank in the insolvency procedure of a major constructions group of companies, mainly in the procedures regarding the annulment of fraudulent transactions between the affiliated companies
■ Assisting and representing a company within the group of the biggest Romanian bank (Suport Colect SRL) in the bankruptcy procedure of a pharmaceutical company
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Cătălina Dicu

Intellectual Property:
■ Assisting and representing the biggest retailer in Romania before the Romanian courts in connection with the faire remuneration with regard to the IP auxiliary rights
■ Representing and assisting one of the most important mineral water producers in litigation regarding alleged infringing of a community trademark concerning the shape of a competing water bottle
■ Assisting and representing a major mineral water producer in litigations regarding an alleged claim of unfair competition pertaining to a TV advertisement for a mobile phone application
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Dragoş Bogdan, Cătălina Dicu, Bogdan Popescu

■ Assisting and representing a major player in the proceedings before the Competition Council and in annulment proceedings before the courts related to, inter alia, an alleged price-fixing cartel
■ Assisting and representing different local IT, household appliances and electric tools product sellers and distributors with respect to both the investigation of the Competition Council and the court claims regarding a potential anticompetitive agreement concluded by the entities involved in the waste management of electronic equipment
■ Assisting and representing a major aluminium producer with respect to the investigation regarding a state aid granted before Romania’s EU accession, as well as the existence of an anticompetitive understanding between the client and a major producer of electric energy
■ Assisting a major pharmaceutical producer in assuring that its incentive scheme is compliant to competition law
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Dan R Răducanu, Laura Elena Radu, Anca L Caraiola Buftea, Dragoş Bogdan, Bogdan Popescu

■ Assisting and representing a major Romanian steel producer in the litigation case initiated by an energy distribution company in connection with damage claims derived from an energy supply contract and the challenging of the company’s license as energy provider
■ Assisting and representing a key aluminium producer in the litigation case in connection with damage claims derived from an energy supply contract
Contacts: Valeriu Stoica, Dan R Răducanu, Dragoş Bogdan

Other Industries:
■ Energy & Natural Resources
■ Media & Telecommunications
■ Pharmaceutical Industry
■ Food & Beverage Industry
��� Automotive Industry
■ Urbanism, Infrastructure, Civil & Industrial Constructions