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Managing Partners: Yaniv Shekel, Adv., Ofer Elboim, Adv.
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 19
Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish

Firm Overview:
Shekel & Co. was founded in 1992 and is recognised as one of Israel’s leading law firms specialising in tax law. The firm specialises in all aspects of tax including income tax, international tax, indirect taxes (VAT, customs and purchase tax), real estate taxes, voluntary disclosure processes and representation before courts on tax topics. The firm also specialises in commercial law, companies law and real estate as complementary disciplines and thus the firm provides clients with the most comprehensive professional service in the field. The firm is usually retained by international clients in order to support their local accountants in complex tax matters, and to provide ‘secondopinions’ regarding possible tax positions.

Since the firm’s establishment the firm has gained broad know-how and extensive experience over the years so that it is today recognised as one of the leaders in the area of tax in Israel, providing clients with the best, most comprehensive and professional consultancy.

Shekel & Co. serves over 3,000 clients in a wide range of sectors and industries in the Israeli economy, including Israel’s largest holding and investment companies, leading companies in the industrial, finance, energy, communications, real estate, infrastructure, contracting, retail and vehicle sectors, international and Israeli hi-tech companies, banks, investment houses, insurance companies, health funds, universities, kibbutzim, local authorities, non-profit organisations, international corporations and high-net-worth individuals from Israel and abroad, operating or investing in Israel. The firm also provides professional consultancy and support in fiscal matters to accountancy and law firms, as well as tax consultants.

The expertise, professional know-how and the many years’ experience of the firm include a broad and deep understanding of all aspects of tax in Israel. The firm’s tax departments offer a wide range of services in areas related to tax, including income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, VAT, real estate tax, international tax and more.

Services include consulting and structuring deals or tax-efficient holdings, and providing legal opinions regarding the fiscal ramifications of such schemes. Furthermore, the firm obtains tax pre-rulings from the Israeli Tax Authority with respect to such schemes in case deemed necessary. In addition, the firm conducts deliberations vis-à-vis the Israeli Tax Authority and represents its clients before courts.

The firm provides detailed and comprehensive written opinions about tax laws in Israel. In case deemed necessary, the firm works to receive pre-rulings and approvals from the Israeli Tax Authority for original and diverse deal features. This capability enables customers (Israeli and foreign) to undertake their activities in Israel with certainty regarding the tax situation, and allows them to improve the tax structure of their activities. All these services are given without need to resort to the courts.

The firm represents Israeli and overseas clients in all matters related to court representation and litigation on tax topics, including audit procedures and internal debates with the tax authorities, and has achieved major precedents in tax cases litigated before the Israeli Supreme Court. The prestige of the firm in complex tax litigation matters, as well as its success in court proceedings, are a driving factor in international clients dedicated usage of the firm in a supporting role for matters involving tax assessments, strengthening the negotiating position of the client’s accounting and legal teams vis-à-vis the Israeli Tax Authorties, and providing for a litigation alternative (which can serve as litigation hazard for the tax authorities) if such negotiations fail.

The firm’s know-how and involvement in commercial law enables it to provide clients with tax planning and overall, effective legal consultancy, designed for implementing deals and investments based on optimal tax planning suited to individual clients and their needs. The firm’s combination of many years’ professional experience and extensive knowledge in taxation, as well as the professional excellence that has guided Shekel & Co. since its inception, has resulted in the firm’s status as Israel’s leader in tax law.

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7 Partners; 25 Fee Earners
Contact: Yaniv Shekel, Adv.
Email: [email protected]