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Managing Partner: Anne Troillet
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 7
Languages: English, French

Firm Overview:
SCHNEIDER TROILLET is a law firm whose practice is dedicated to employment and social law. The firm was founded in 2014 and benefits from the outstanding experience of its two founding partners. All lawyers are specialists of their field. SCHNEIDER TROILLET handles every facet of individual and collective employment law, pensions, social security and related areas. The firm assists its clients in every step where its specialized expertise brings additional value. SCHNEIDER TROILLET’s activity covers non-contentious as well as contentious matters, including litigation, in its specific areas of practice. The firm has secured and earned the trust of international and domestic private companies, pensions funds and public employers. SCHNEIDER TROILLET is a member of IUS LABORIS, the world’s largest alliance of independent Human Resources law firms.

Main Areas of Practice:
Employment Law:
Employment Contractual Documents
SCHNEIDER TROILLET drafts and reviews employment contracts (enclosing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements), detachment and expatriation agreements within multinational groups of companies, termination agreements, etc.

Employment Regulations
SCHNEIDER TROILLET drafts and reviews employees’ handbooks, working time regulations, expense policies, investigation policies, disciplinary policies, etc.

Collective Dismissal / Redundancy Programs
SCHNEIDER TROILLET assists corporate clients, often in close cooperation with human resources and transaction lawyers, and provides the necessary guidance to comply with legal consultation and notification requirements.

Dispute Resolution
SCHNEIDER TROILLET provides legal advice and representation on employment disputes before Swiss courts, arbitral tribunals and administrative agencies.

Collective Labour Law Issues
SCHNEIDER TROILLET advises and represents corporate clients on worker’s participation and in negotiations with trade unions on collective bargaining agreements.

Data Protection
SCHNEIDER TROILLET has ample experience in all data protection matters related to employees, especially in the context of transfer and treatment of data abroad.

Reorganisation, Restructurings, Corporate Transactions
SCHNEIDER TROILLET advises corporate clients on all employment aspects of strategic and transactions issues in the context of reorganizations, restructurings and corporate transactions.

Internal Investigations, Mediation
SCHNEIDER TROILLET advises and assists corporate clients in conducting internal investigations, in particular in the context of accusations of mobbing, harassment and grievances. The lawyers of SCHNEIDER TROILLET also act as mediators in employment matters.

Key Contact: Anne Troillet
Email: [email protected]

Contractual Documents
SCHNEIDER TROILLET drafts and reviews affiliation conventions and pension regulations such as partial liquidation regulations, investment regulations, etc.

Dispute Resolution
SCHNEIDER TROILLET represents Pension Funds before Swiss courts and administrative agencies.

Pension Benefits
SCHNEIDER TROILLET assists its clients in the implementation of pension plans, among other for expatriates.
Key Contact: Jacques-André Schneider
Email: [email protected]

Social Security & Private Insurance:
The firm advises international companies on all social security matters related to international assignments and global mobility.

Contact: Jacques-André Schneider
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Anne Troillet
Email: [email protected]

The firm assists clients with the application for work and residence permits.
Key Contact: Anne Troillet
Email: [email protected]