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Rucellai & Raffaelli

Current View:

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Senior Partner & Co-founder: Enrico Adriano Raffaelli
Partners: Andrea Vischi, Maddalena Palladino, Enrico Sisti, Antonio Debiasi, Lorenzo Conti
Of counsel – Co-Founder: Cosimo Rucellai
Number of partners: 6
Number of other lawyers: 70
Languages:English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1979, Rucellai&Raffaelli is a full-service, independent law firm which has acquired a consolidated expertise covering a wide range of practice areas. Based in Milan and having branch offices in Rome and Bologna, the firm currently counts around 70 professionals, specialised in corporate, antitrust, banking and finance, IP, EU Law, general civil and commercial law and employment, also with a special focus on regulated sectors.

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate & Commercial:
The firm advises on all general corporate matters. It handles joint ventures, mergers and de-mergers, corporate restructuring and corporate governance. Its M&A activity focuses on contract drafting and negotiation, including due diligence and assistance on customised transactions.

Antitrust& EU Law:
The firm provides advice on abuse of dominance and cartels, also representing its clients in proceedings before national and European competent authorities and before the Administrative Court of Latium, the Supreme Administrative Court, the General Court and the Court of Justice. Notification of mergers, self-assessment of agreements and practices, organisation of antitrust compliance programs, trainings and audits are also covered by the firm, together with general advice on EU Law-related matters and state aids. The firm assists clients in follow-on and standalone actions before national judges and organises, since 1992, the Treviso Conference on antitrust between EU Law and National Law.

Banking, Securities, Finance & Insurance:
The firm specialises in business law, banking, financial and insurance law with advice on issuing shares and bonds, admission to the stock exchange, securitisation, leasing, factoring, trusts, investment trusts and pension funds and asset segregations and assistance to banks and financial intermediaries.

Intellectual Property:
The firm advises on patents, trademarks, models and designs, know-how, copyright, parallel imports, unfair competition, trademark and patent licensing. Judicial assistance covers actions for the protection of IP rights, including interim proceedings, and the drafting and filing of petitions for Customs. Extrajudicial activities include advice on all IP rights-related matters, negotiation and drafting of contracts on IP rights.

Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm has acquired a very strong reputation particularly in the field of commercial, contractual, antitrust and IP litigation before the Court and in national and international arbitration proceedings.

Consumer Protection & Advertising:
Assistance is provided, at judicial and advise level on unfair commercial practices and misleading and comparative advertising, also including negotiation and drafting of advertising, agency and sponsorship agreements, contest and operation prizes.

Data Privacy:
The firm assists clients on several data protection/ data privacy issues, including compliance programmes, filing of notifications to the Italian data privacy authorities, drafting of specific contractual clauses on data privacy, advice on online data privacy policies and processing of employees’ personal data. Legislative Decree 231/2001 for several leading national and multinational companies.

The firm provides extrajudicial advices (advises on on-going contracts and pending judgments; assessments on contractual’s impact of a possible access of a party to the contract to insolvency proceedings; debt recoveries from bankruptcy procedures in the framework of debt restructuring agreements or preinsolvency proceedings) and judicial assistance in all degrees.

Administrative & Procurement Law:
Advice is provided on the various phases of European and local public tenders, contracts with public bodies, temporary associations’ agreements, commercial authorisations, relations and disputes with public agencies and independent authorities, public utilities and energy.

Employment & Labour:
The firm gives advice on labour, employment, human resources management, compensation, Unions, technology and employees’ rights, agency and commercial distribution law as well as mandatory pensions, insurance for accidents at work and health and safety issues; full assistance on labour litigation procedures before both administrative and judicial bodies.

Life Sciences:
A specific expertise, on judicial, extra judicial and consulting issues, has been built over the years with specific regards to issues concerning medical specialties and surgical devices, R&D contracts, commercial contracts, clinical trial, consultancy agreements and sponsorships, public tenders and agreements for the supply of goods and services, logistics and transfers and product liability claims.

Real Estate:
The firm advises Italian and international companies and real estate funds in the most diverse transactions, ranging from the acquisition, management and disposal of small and large portfolios negotiation and drafting of contractual documentation, to all related activities such as property and facility management, due diligence, lease agreements, construction and procurement contracts, financing, dispute resolution and litigation.

Prevention of Crimes & Internal Procedures:
The firm has a deep and special expertise in the arrangement and management of the compliance program to be implemented according to the provisions set forth in the Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 and EU legislation on the prevention of corporate crimes and the assessment of companies’ liability.

Credit Collection:
The firm has special expertise in the area of the credits in the health sector in managing the extraordinary transactions with the Italian regions for the settlement and payment of outstanding credits, with focus on the structuring of complex transactions for the sale and/or securitisation of the receivables owned by pharmaceutical companies to financial institutions.