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Managing Partner: Jonathan M. Redgrave
Number of partners: 8

Firm Overview
Redgrave LLP is the only national law firm that focuses exclusively on issues related to information: how information is managed, litigated, and protected. The firm assists clients regarding complex issues pertaining to eDiscovery in litigation and investigations, information governance, corporate transactions and restructuring, as well as data privacy and security. Redgrave professionals are also frequently called to serve appointments as special masters to oversee the discovery process of high-profile litigation in addition to being retained as expert witnesses. The firm calls its practice information law.

The firm recruits premier information law talent and employs attorneys in addition to business and technical advisors with experience in litigation, investigations, technology, and business processes. It provides clients with practical, innovative, and cost-effective advice and solutions, serving Global and Fortune 500 companies across a diverse array of industries. Redgrave has professionals based in New York, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Main Areas of Practice:

Litigation & Investigation:

Redgrave offers the unique knowledge and experience necessary to manage discovery strategy, and execution across multiple matters while ensuring consistency and efficiency. As National Discovery Counsel, Redgrave works with clients’ trial counsel across the entire litigation profile to leverage existing collections and work product and to avoid duplication and reduce both risks and costs. Working in coordination with trial counsel ensures that discovery is managed effectively and in a defensible manner, allowing trial counsel to focus their efforts on overall case strategy without being mired in discovery negotiations or disputes. The firm also works to develop innovative solutions for clients to enhance the defensible, proportional, and efficient handling of discovery issues in litigation and investigations, such as the identification of privileged information as well as the subsequent logging and dispute resolution process.

Corporate Transactions & Restructuring:
In mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, business systems, and information technology functions are typically combined or consolidated. Redgrave provides practical guidance and recommendations during this critical time to ensure that efficiencies are leveraged while also taking the necessary steps to retain records and information that must be kept for legal or regulatory purposes. The firm also works with clients as they conduct their due diligence inquiries, as well as combine protocols and procedures that impact the storage or destruction of records and information to ensure policies and protocols are understood and applied consistently in the new organization.

Redgrave also provides guidance and strategy focused squarely on restructuring-related discovery. The firm engages with clients, counsel, and advisors, to provide legal advice that helps define a clear, timely, and flexible strategy for both information governance and discovery in the often fast-paced world of bankruptcy and reorganization. Redgrave advises both debtors and creditors, as well as consultants and judicial groups, on all issues related to discovery.

Information Governance:
Redgrave helps clients develop and refine policies and processes addressing modern information technology environments and global workforces. It offers advice on ways to simplify and harmonize requirements so that records and information management mandates can be understood, deployed, and followed throughout the organization. Redgrave also looks for ways to integrate records and information management requirements into new technology purchases and implementations to improve compliance with legal and regulatory obligations while decreasing downstream burdens.

Legacy Data Remediation:
Not only do companies incur needless expenses for storing unnecessary legacy data, but the existence of this data is subject to discovery, causing the average inhouse legal department to spend millions of additional dollars on unnecessary document collection, review, and production. In addition, as long as the data is retained, there is the real-world risk of trade secrets or personally identifiable information being lost through inadvertent or deliberate exfiltration, resulting in exposure for the company. Redgrave focuses on bringing wasteful legacy data practices under control. It develops defensible disposition protocols to address all types of legacy data: backup tapes, decommissioned or legacy systems, paper, email files, PSTs, file shares, off-site and cloud data providers, mobile and personal devices, and repositories of unidentified data. The firm provides clients with effective and defensible disposition programs that ensure compliance with legal and regulatory preservation requirements.

Office 365 & Other Cloud-Based Collaboration Platforms:
The increasing adoption of Microsoft Office 365 for its capabilities and efficiencies in several applications can present multiple legal-related implications for businesses. Redgrave has partnered with legal departments and IT teams to evaluate the defensibility of eDiscovery processes associated with Microsoft Office 365, as well as other technologies (e.g., Facebook Workplace). The firm has assisted companies with the development of processes to support discovery in multiple cloudbased collaboration platforms (e.g., SLACK, Google Hangouts, etc.).

Data Privacy & Security:
The proliferation of data brings significant responsibilities regarding information stewardship. Today, many countries and local jurisdictions have enacted privacy and data protection laws and regulations that impact the creation, management, and transfer of information. While these requirements vary significantly across jurisdiction and industry, the global trend is toward stricter enforcement and the imposition of increasingly severe penalties for violations. Likewise, cybersecurity threats must be taken seriously, as vulnerabilities can expose personal information, confidential corporate information, and national security secrets to the world. Redgrave helps clients address privacy and data security challenges. This guidance includes assisting corporations in navigating the overlapping and sometimes competing legal requirements. It also works with clients to develop protocols for privacy breach responses and provide counsel when situations impact data security and privacy issues.

Document & Data Analysis & Review:
Redgrave attorneys and other professionals have years of experience managing document reviews for clients. The firm has dedicated professionals who interact with vendors and the firm’s own review counsel to enable efficient and effective data culling and review strategies that lead to better outcomes in terms of costs and support to case teams. The firm has significant experience with high-level review needs and sensitivities with respect to confidentiality and privilege issues, including the preparation of defensible privilege logs and motions practices to defend privilege and confidentiality claims.

Special Services:
Redgrave attorneys have served appointment as special masters to oversee the discovery process or to adjudicate disputes between the parties related to specific issues regarding the scope of discovery, such as the parties’ preservation, collection, and production efforts, claims regarding proportional discovery, and claims related to privilege or confidentiality. Redgrave personnel also have experience addressing such issues in the context of a neutral discovery mediator role, as well as court-appointed technical advisors. In addition, Redgrave attorneys and business and technical advisors can serve as affirmative and defense consulting and testifying expert witnesses on various aspects of information law when properly qualified in jurisdictions.