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Head of Chambers: Keith Rowley QC
Senior Clerks: Keith Nagle, John Clark
Chief Executive: Fiona Fitzgerald
Clerks: Justin Allen, Lee Wright, Natham Ellingham, Vince Carter, Bradley Edwards, George Rushton
Tenants: 60

THE CHAMBERS Radcliffe Chambers is a modern chambers based in historic Lincoln’s Inn. It is one of the leading chambers in its core specialist areas of banking and financial services (including consumer credit and mortgages), company and commercial work, insolvency and restructuring, pensions, property and professional negligence. The achievements of chambers and its individual members have been recognised in recent years in the Chambers UK Bar awards, STEP private client awards, The Lawyer awards, Halsbury Legal awards, Legal Week awards and Solicitor Journal awards. Members of chambers are regularly involved in the leading cases in their fields and chambers continues to grow its reputation for quality and innovative legal services. Services are supported by a professional and dedicated clerking and management team that provides a transparent and client driven service.

WORK UNDERTAKEN Radcliffe Chambers is a leading set for chancery and chancery commercial work and is particularly well known for its expertise in private client and trusts, commercial litigation, banking and finance, civil fraud, financial regulation, professional liability, insolvency and restructuring, pensions, charities, property, arbitration and mediation. 

PUBLICATIONS‘Insolvency Litigation: A Practical Guide’ (Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd ed., 2018) – Adam Deacock (co-editor), Mark Mullen, Reuben Comiskey, Dawn McCambley, Christopher Buckley, Josh Lewison, Martin Ouwehand, Jonathan Edwards, Christopher Boardman, Catherine Doran, Shantanu Majumdar; Wurtzburg and Mills (editors); Spencer Bower on Reliance-Based Estoppel (5th ed., 2017) (Peter Crampin QC, Piers Feltham, Joshua Winfield); ‘The Law of Investor Protection’, 2nd ed. (contributing editors); ‘Halsbury’s Laws of England’ (Mutual Institutions) (contributing editors); ‘Halsbury’s Laws of England’ (Friendly Societies); ‘Retail Mortgages: Law, Regulation and Procedure’– Sweet & Maxwell (Malcolm Waters QC, Elizabeth Ovey and Mark Fell); ‘Standard Conditions of Sale’ (Malcolm Waters QC and Elizabeth Ovey); Standard Commercial Property Conditions’ (Malcolm Waters QC and Elizabeth Ovey); ‘Running a Charity’, Mark Mullen, Jordans (4th ed., 2015); ‘Companies Limited by Guarantee’, Mark Mullen and Josh Lewison, Jordans (4th ed., 2014). 

INTERNATIONAL A large percentage of chambers’ cases involve an international element, whether before the English courts regarding assets held abroad, as part of an international arbitration, or in a dispute being heard before the courts of another country.

Chambers’ regularly undertakes litigation and advisory work in major offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Singapore. Members have also acted in a wide variety of common and civil law jurisdictions, including Australia, Brunei, France, Greece, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Spain and St Kitts and Nevis.Members are frequently seconded to Jersey advocates’ firms to assist on individual cases or provide general expertise. 

RECRUITMENT Unlike most other chambers, Radcliffe Chambers has for many years operated a ‘Super Pupil’ policy. It has grown considerably in recent years and as a result of this growth will continue to offer up to two funded pupillages for the pupillage year beginning October 2020, with a view to offering tenancies to both pupils at the end of the year if circumstances permit. Pupils are encouraged to gain as much advocacy experience as possible during their second six. In recent years, the second six pupils have been able to undertake a significant amount of their own court work.


Peter Crampin QC (1976) (QC-1993)

Malcolm Waters QC (1977) (QC-1997)

Jeremy Cousins QC (1977) (QC-1999)

Keith Rowley QC (1979) (QC-2001)

Robert Pearce QC (1977) (QC-2006)

Francesca Quint (1970)

David Di Mambro (1973)

Gordon Nurse (1973)

Stephen Acton (1977)

Elizabeth Ovey (1978)

Thomas Dumont (1979)

Ulick Stauton (1984)

Simon Williams (1984)

Tina Kyriakides(1984)

Piers Feltham (1985)

Howard Smith (1986)

Roger Mullis (1987)

Katherine McQuail (1989)

Adam Deacock (1991)

Peter Dodge (1992)

Shantanu Majumdar (1992)

Marie-Claire Bleasdale (1993)

Justin Holmes (1994)

Dov Ohrenstein(1995)

Kate Selway (1995)

Christopher Boardman (1995)

Douglas Keel (1997)

Caroline Bolton (1998)

Anthony Dearing (1998)

Clive Moys (1998)

William Moffett (2000)

Nathan Wells (2000)

Gary Lidington (2000)

Mark Mullen (2001)

Joshua Winfield (2001)

Marcus Flavin (2001)

Frances Ratcliffe (2002)

Reuben Comiskey (2002)

Martin Ouwehand (2002)

Oliver Hilton (2002)

Matthew Weaver (2002)

Tom Beasley (2003)

Steven Barrett (2003)

Christopher Buckley (2004)

Mark Fell (2004)

Edward Hicks (2004)

Josh Lewison (2005)

Wendy Mathers (2005)

Dawn McCambley (2005)

Catherine Doran (2008)

Daniel Burton (2009)

Kate Rogers (2009)

Henry Day (2011)

Katie Longstaff (2013)

Nicholas Macklam (2013)

Sophia Rogers (2013)

Andrew Brown (2014)

Jonathan Edwards (2014)

Lauren Kreamer (2017)

Matthew Mills (2016)