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Heads of Chambers: Michael Bowes QC, Christopher Gibson Q,C Andrew Spink QC
Chief Exectuive:
Rebecca Priestley
Director: Steve Graham
Practice Directors: David Smith, Matt Sale, Nick Levett, Graham Woods, Paul Barton
Tenants: 85

THE CHAMBERS Outer Temple Chambers provides bespoke legal services for solicitors, in-house counsel, professional clients and private individuals. Success is built on sound legal advice and effective problem solving, focused wholly on the individual needs of clients.

It is noted for its health and its business expertise. In personal injury and clinical negligence the set has one of the most experienced catastrophic injury teams in the UK and undertakes group litigation, cases involving complex medical issues, product liability, industrial disease, abuse claims, and spinal and brain injuries.

Outer Temple Chambers was awarded Chambers UK “Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Set of the Year” 2017. In 2015 Outer Temple won the Legal Innovations Award.

It is now justifiably highly ranked as a leading pensions set and combines this with an established practice in professional negligence and an increasing practice in international arbitration and mediation work.

Outer Temple has an enviable presence in the financial services and banking sector with demonstrable expertise in litigation, regulation and enforcement.

The employment team has an outstanding reputation in equal pay and discrimination claims, and is frequently instructed for its knowledge of financial services particularly in contractual matters. Members have an unparalleled profile in corporate manslaughter and health and safety investigations. Practitioners provide representation in all types of disciplinary and regulatory tribunals, with particular emphasis on medical, solicitor, police and financial disciplinary hearings.

In public law, Outer Temple is recognised for its expertise in major public inquiries, the Court of Protection and education matters. It is also known for its work in law in sport, transport law, tax and trusts.

Chambers provides a range of international services with offices in Manchester, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York, being the only Chambers with a registered offices in the DIFC and the Abu Dhabi Global Market.


Christopher Wilson-Smith QC (1965) (QC-1986)

David Russell QC (1977) Australia QC (QC-1986)

Robert Rhodes QC (1968) (QC-1989)

Christopher Gibson QC (1976) (QC-1995)

Gerard McDermott QC (1978) (QC-1999)

Michael Bowes QC (1980) (QC-2001)

Gordon Bebb QC (1975) (QC-2002)

Andrew Spink QC (1985) (QC-2003)

Andrew Short QC (1990) (QC-2010)

Ben Compton QC (1979) (QC-2011)

Nicolas Stallworthy QC (1993) (QC-2011)

Keith Bryant QC (1991) (QC-2013)

Richard Hitchcock QC (1990 (QC-2014)

John McKendrick QC (1999) (QC-2016)

James Counsell QC (1984) (QC-2017)

Matthew Phillips QC (1993) (QC-2017)

Timothy Nesbitt QC (1991) (QC-2018)

Nathan Tavares QC (1992) (QC-2018)

Eliot Woolf QC (1993) (QC-2018)

Sarah Crowther QC (1999) (QC-2018)

Jonathan Hand QC (1990) (QC-2019)

Fiona Horlick QC (1992) (QC-2019)

Richard Mawhinney (1977)

Teresa Rosen Peacocke (1982)

Christopher Kemp (1984)

Patrick Sadd (1984)

Harry Trusted (1985)

James Aldridge (1987)

Alison McCormick (1988)

Andrew Maguire (1988)

Mark Mullins (1988)

Paul Rogers (1989)

James Leonard (1989)

Rachel Vickers (1992)

Daniel Barnett (1993)

Peter Linstead (1994)

Naomi Cunningham (1994)

Matthew McDonagh (1994)

Andrew Allen (1995)

Lydia Seymour (1997)

Harriet Jerram (1998)

David E Grant (1999)

James Arnold (2000)

Samantha Presland (2001)

Naomi Ling (2001)

Elaine Palser (2002)

Dr Ali Almihdar (2003)

Claire van Overdijk (2003)

Ian Denham (2003)

Michael Uberoi (2004)

Tim Aron (2004)

Daniel Clarke (2005)

Saul Margo (2005)

Oliver Powell (2006)

Alex Haines (2007)

Ben Bradley (2007)

Clare Baker (2007)

Robert Dickason (2007)

Jennifer Seaman (2007)

Emily Gordon Walker (2007)

Nicholas Hill (2008)

Will Young (2008)

Alexander Line (2009)

Thomas Gibson (2010)

Katarina Sydow (2012)

Saaman Pourghadiri (2012)

Paul Livingston (2012)

Stephen Doherty (2013)

Bianca Venkata (2014)

Stephen Butler (2014)

Victoria Brown (2014)

Chloe Bell (2015)

Gabor Bognar (2015)

Gus Baker (2015)

Alex Cisneros (2015)

Imogen Egan (2015)

Alexandra Baumgart (2015)

Olinga Tahzib (2016)

Elizabeth Grace (2017)

Paul Bates (2018)

Carin Hunt (2018)

Jeremy Scott-Joynt (2018)

Patrick Tomison (2018)