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Founding Partners: Víctor Ríos, Carlos Molina
Partners: Felipe Correa, Rachid Ruiz
Number of lawyers: 15

Firm Overview:
Molina Ríos is a renowned law firm established in Santiago, Chile, with broad experience in arbitrations, trials, mediations, infrastructure and construction concessions of public works, insurance, energy and natural resources and claims. The Molina Ríos team has solid academic and professional experience, as well as nationally and internationally recognised prestige in their areas of expertise. Notably, Molina Ríos has developed a legal structure according to the current legal needs, implementing support and state-of-the-art technologies in a day to day basis that allows to answer the information needs and requirements of its clients.

Main Areas of Practice:
Infrastructure & Construction:

Molina Ríos is recognised for its solid experience advising its clients on public and private contracts, large construction projects, PPP, and megaprojects of energy and/or infrastructure. This experience involves advising the development of projects for large global corporations, such as a Spanish infrastructure management and renewable energy company with a presence in 65 countries; a global player in concessions with operations in more than 100 nations; and the third largest construction and public services group in France, among others. The work of Molina Ríos starts from the bidding and appraisal phase (in the case of foreign clients, from their entry into the country), during the stage of execution of works (EPC, EPCM, BOT, etc.) until the total receipt of the work entrusted.

Arbitrations, Trials & Mediations:
Molina Ríos has vast and solid experience in all types of civil and commercial litigation, especially in matters of construction and public works concessions related to airports, highways, reservoirs, gas pipelines, railway constructions and public buildings. Additionally, the firm has a solid experience in arbitrations in the areas of civil liability insurance, Guarantee or Surety, domestic and international Credit; All Risk of Construction, Fire, Earthquake and Life, among others. Molina Ríos represents its national and foreign clients before ordinary and special courts, as well as in domestic arbitrations (Ad Hoc and CAM Santiago) and international arbitrations (ICC and CIADI), representing in a day to day basis, large international and global corporations in arbitration proceedings in the fields of construction, large engineering works, infrastructure projects, insurance and reinsurance, renewable energy and banking, among others. The firm's experience involves arbitrations related to major works such as the construction of the New Santiago Airport; the construction of Line 3 of the Santiago Metro, among others. The work of Molina Rios involves all the stages of a civil trial, arbitration and meditation, including the preliminary negotiations, documentation analysis, motions, appeals, and execution procedures.

Molina Ríos has extensive experience in Claim management and resolution, an experience gained after legally advising more than 200 engineering and construction projects already executed, and others in execution, both public and private works, with domestic and foreign clients. The firm specialises in avoiding contractual claims on projects it advises, mitigating the effects of claims that occur and handling claims quickly and efficiently. The firm also specializes in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as Dispute Boards, mediations, arbitrations and mini trials.

Insurance Law:
Molina Ríos has a solid experience in insurance and reinsurance matters, advising important national and international clients, both in the country and abroad, in challenging reports, claims, arbitrations and litigation related to different risks, such as: Civil liability, Warranty, Domestic and international credit insurance, Construction All Insurance risk, Fire, Earthquake and Life insurance. In addition, the firm has intervened in the study and draft of different models of insurance policies that are currently used on the national market, and has also participated in the analysis and discussion related to the reform of Title VIII of the Chilean Commercial Code referring to insurance in general and land insurance in particular. Molina Ríos has advised the Spanish insurance group Mapfre in Chile for more than 15 years.

Public Works Concessions:
Molina Ríos has advised its clients in the most varied types of projects, since the beginning of the public works concession system in Chile, in construction and operation contracts, their execution and relationship with contractors and suppliers; project financing, either through bank loans or debt issuance; relations with the Ministry of Public Works or other public entities using the different concessions; claims and resolution of conflicts before administrative authorities, public procurement courts, Technical Concession Panels, conciliation commissions and arbitration tribunals.

Energy & Natural Resources:
Molina Ríos has advised national and international companies and corporations, in the advice on mining, power generation, gas and electricity supply and transport projects; photovoltaic solar parks, wind farms, among others, participating in obtaining the sectoral permits necessary for the execution and operation of the different projects; reports in law; drafting and negotiation of related or necessary contracts in the field of natural resources and energy; administrative and defense procedures before the authority and competent administrative and judicial authorities.

Main Contacts:
■ Víctor Ríos - [email protected]
■ Carlos Molina - [email protected]