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Meir Mizrahi & Co

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Chairman: Meir Mizrahi, Adv.
Managing Partners: Dorit Binyamini Adv. (CPA), Efrat Rossiansky Adv., Efrat Solomon Adv., Ofir Saadon Adv., Shay Berger Adv., Shlomi Vaknin Adv. (CPA) , Tali Yehoshua, Adv., Yoni Cohen, Adv. Shlomi Tabach, Adv.
Number of partners: 9
Number of lawyers: 18
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, French

Firm Overview:
Meir Mizrahi & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the field of taxation (real estate taxation, income tax and VAT). The firm offers its clients complete tax consultations from the planning stage of the transaction (tax advice and professional opinions) including representing the client in negotiations with the tax authorities (tax assessments, appeals and proceedings in the various courts).

The firm is known for its creativity and innovation in its tax counselling melded with the conservatism necessary in the field of tax. The firm achieves the proper balance between these two approaches, which optimises the tax benefits to taxpayers, who are able to fully realise their rights in accordance with the tax laws, without sacrificing the certainty and stability of the law.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Real Estate Taxation
-Income Tax
-Tax Litigation

Real Estate Taxation: 
The firm handles the tax aspects of Israel’s real estate market in a wide range of specialised contracts that need intensive and personalised tax treatment. These include combination deals, exchange transactions, TAMA 38 earthquake retrofit rights deals, group purchases deals, sales of whole buildings and infrastructure, transferring building and air rights (the firm is a tax consultant for the Tel Aviv Municipality on preservation plans), call options and put options deals, urban renewal projects, trusts, sale of apartments with ancillary building rights deals, amalgamating parcels of land and supporting projects for companies holding real estate.

The firm’s real estate tax department is headed by the partners Ofir Saadon, Efrat Rossiansky, Efrat Solomon and Yoni Cohen.

The firm represented The Tel Aviv Municipality in the question of the mobility of building rights, an action allowing the White City plan for the preservation of the city of Tel Aviv to take shape.

The firm also represented the Bat Yam Municipality on the issue of the tax liability on the municipality. An issue, which could cause a ‘flooding of the gates’ to all of all tax assessments in Israel.

Other major clients include:
■ Aura Israel Entrepreneurship & Investments: the firm was first to handle taxation for development expenses and went on to win a court verdict in favour of the client
■ Gilboa Energy pumped storage: the firm consulted in purchase tax aspects relating to the lease of lands in various pumped storage energy projects including deliberations in court where the firm won a verdict in favour the client

Income Tax:
The firm advises on selected income tax matters stressing the interface between the Income Tax Code and the real estate taxation law: offsetting losses, income averaging, changing structures in real estate holdings (including liquidating companies, and transferring real estate to individuals), and vice versa — transferring real estate from individuals to companies, mergers and splits, contractors tax, real estate financing agreements and real estate asset depreciation.

The firm’s income tax department is headed by the lawyers Dorit Binyamini CPA and Lior Ratzon CPA, both former Tax Authority officials. Recently, Adv. Shlomi Tabach a former Tax Authority official has joined this department.

The firm also handled all taxation matters concerning the Trans-Israel Highway.

The firm’s VAT department is headed by the lawyers Shai Berger (formerly head of the VAT professional department at the Tax Authority) and Shlomi Vaknin CPA (formerly deputy head of the VAT professional department at the Tax Authority). The firm provides consult and services for tax planning in deals and ventures, representation in criminal and civil proceedings in court, representation in all assessment proceedings before the Tax Authority and VAT department, including obtaining pre rulings for deals. The firm draws up reviews on topics relating to VAT liability.

The firm represented the Israeli Water corporations: providing VAT counsel for water corporations in Israel. The Israel Travel Agents Association: providing consult in the question of cancelling the VAT Taxation on the purchase of airline tickets.

Tax Litigation:
The firm operates a highly professional and skilled litigation department providing professional support in all stages of legal proceedings before the various appeal tribunals, district courts, and the Supreme Court on matters concerning real estate capital gains tax, rezoning levies, VAT and income tax.

The firm’s litigation department is headed by Adv. Tali Yehoshua.

The firm provided representation for the expansion of kibbutzim and moshavim (cooperative Israeli settlements) for obtaining a low tax method for such expansions.

Key Clients:
The firm’s clients include Israel’s largest and most prestigious organisations and companies such as: Shikun u’Binui, Azorim, Migdal Insurance, Phoenix Insurance, Tel Aviv Municipality, Ashdod Municipality, Gazit Globe, Acro Real Estate, Big Shopping Center Group, Africa Israel Residences, IAA, Shaphir, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Cross – Israel Highway, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank and more.

The firm serves as a tax consultant to the Tel Aviv Contractors Association and to the Real Estate Appraisers Association.