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Maschoff Brennan

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Managing Partners: Kirk Harris, Tyson Hottinger - West Coast Practice
Number of partners: 27
Number of lawyers: 45
Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin

Firm Overview:
Maschoff Brennan is a full-service intellectual property and commercial litigation law firm with Utah offices in Park City and Salt Lake City and California offices in Orange County and Los Angeles. Maschoff Brennan’s attorneys focus on patent and trademark prosecution, IP and complex litigation (including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and securities litigation and counseling), post-grant patent proceedings, IP/technology opinions and investigations, licensing and transactions, and IP portfolio management. Maschoff Brennan’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, individual inventors, startups, and world-renowned universities.

Main Areas of Practice:

Patent Prosecution:

Today’s rapid technology growth makes strong patent protection more important than ever. Whether clients are a sole inventor with an idea sketched out on a napkin, and little to no understanding of the patenting process, or a sophisticated international corporation, clients can rely on Maschoff Brennan’s attorneys to take them through the process effectively and efficiently. Maschoff Brennan’s seasoned patent prosecution team has technical expertise in many fields - including chemistry, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, biology, and mechanical engineering. Maschoff Brennan has used that expertise to obtain thousands of patents for clients throughout the world in fields ranging from pharmaceutics, biotechnology and life sciences, material sciences, chemical deposition in integrated circuit manufacturing, electronic data storage, medical devices, nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, complex chemical and polymer science, corporate IP policies and procedures, and more. Maschoff Brennan’s prosecution team also works closely with a vast array of foreign associates and international clients in securing patent rights here in the United States and around the world. If clients need help obtaining protection for their innovation, one of Maschoff Brennan’s seasoned prosecution attorneys can help clients obtain a patent, both here in the United States and throughout the world.

Contemporary patent litigation requires current strate-gies and a working knowledge of complex technology and its applications. From medical devices to electronics and software, Maschoff Brennan’s litigation attorneys are experienced in effectively managing the complexities and challenges of today’s patent litigation. Maschoff Brennan’s attorneys regularly take on the largest and most expensive law firms in the nation, and win-at a much lower cost to its clients. The firm represents clients at all stages and on all sides of patent-related disputes. Whether clients are enforcing their patents against the largest of companies or defending against patent trolls, Maschoff Brennan’s attorneys will effectively and efficiently represent them.

Post-Grant Proceedings:
Maschoff Brennan has significant experience representing clients before the USPTO in post-grant proceedings of all types, including those proceedings created by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (‘AIA’). The firm has successfully represented both petitioners seeking to invalidate patent claims, as well as patent owners looking to maintain the validity of their claims. Successful representation in an AIA post-grant proceeding requires a unique combination of skill and experience. Practitioners must not only possess a thorough understanding of the complexity of the AIA and USPTO rules, but must also be capable of taking and defending depositions, working with experts, drafting briefs and presenting oral argument. Maschoff Brennan’s post-grant team combines seasoned patent prosecutors who are familiar with USPTO rules and procedure with trial attorneys who understand the art of persuasive writing and oral advocacy.