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We know how to build strong protection for your IP assets.

At Maschoff Brennan we ensure that your innovations are protected.  As ideas expand from an initial concept to a market-leading product, we create unique legal strategies that parallel distinct business goals to provide you with the strongest possible protection for your valuable intellectual property assets.  We advise on all matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights, as well as deliver economical solutions for brand and portfolio development and protection.  We are skilled in negotiating licensing transactions, conducting diligence, and leveraging and enforcing IP rights around the world.  

Intellectual Property Litigation is what we do.  Every day.

Maschoff Brennan  attorneys regularly take on the largest and most expensive law firms in the nation, and win - at a much lower cost to our clients.  We represent clients at all stages and on all sides of intellectual property related disputes.  Whether you are enforcing your patents against the largest of companies, fighting unfair trade practices, enforcing a non-compete clause, or defending against patent trolls, our attorneys will effectively and efficiently represent you.  Our guiding principal in litigation is to keep it simple and efficient.  The legal principals may be complex, but to succeed, trial themes need to be clear and persuasive.  Our attorneys keep litigation costs down while, at the same time, achieving success.


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