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Head of Chambers: Christopher Pymont QC
Chambers Director: Stewart Thompson
Senior Clerk: John Wiggs
Deputy Senior Clerk: Rob Penson
Clerks: Luke Irons, Danny Wilkinson, Sam Dempsey, Jason Windle, Oliver Thorpe, Rio-Louise Sully
Administrator: Valerie Piper
Tenants: 71

THE CHAMBERS Maitland Chambers is widely recognised as one of the leading sets at the English Bar practising primarily in the fields of business and property litigation. Its multi-disciplinary expertise across a broad range of both chancery and commercial disciplines has proved crucial to clients where cases span a number of areas, and provides an advantage in terms of the service offered when traditional specialisms overlap. Maitland Chambers is one of the largest commercial chancery sets, with over 70 members, including 27 silks.

WORK UNDERTAKEN Maitland Chambers has the breadth and depth to provide advocacy and advisory services in every area that can arise in a business dispute. It handles a very wide range of cases, from major litigation involving multi-national companies to county court disputes. Much of its work is done in London, although it frequently advises and appears for clients in other parts of the United Kingdom. Many of its members also practise in other jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Cyprus, the Channel Islands and the USA.

Modern cases often do not fit neatly into traditional categories. Maitland’s size and breadth of expertise ensures that it can provide teams of barristers to deal rapidly and thoroughly with complex cases that raise a wide range of issues. As such, it has an advantage over those who specialise in narrower fields of business law.

INTERNATIONAL Although based in London, Maitland Chambers regularly acts in non-UK cases where members’ expertise in English law (and familiarity with overseas law and jurisdictions), oral and written advocacy skills, and litigation and arbitration experience provide genuine added value. Members advise; appear as advocates before foreign courts and tribunals; otherwise assist in the conduct or resolution of disputes (including all forms of ADR); take appointments as arbitrators; and provide expert evidence of law in foreign proceedings.


Christopher Pymont QC (1979) (QC-1996)

Christopher McCall QC (1966) (QC-1987)

Michael Driscoll QC (1970) (QC-1992)

Catherine Newman QC (1979) (QC-1995)

Mark Cunningham QC (1980) (QC-2001)

John McGhee QC (1984) (QC-2003)

Matthew Collings QC (1985) (QC-2006)

Edwin Johnson QC (1987) (QC-2006)

Christopher Parker QC (1984) (QC-2008)

Dominic Chambers QC (1987) (QC-2008)

Nicholas Peacock QC (1989) (QC-2009)

Richard Morgan QC (1988) (QC-2011)

Amanda Tipples QC (1991) (QC-2011)

Andrew Walker QC (1991) (QC-2011)

Michael Gibbon QC (1993) (QC-2011)

Andrew Twigger QC (1994) (QC-2011)

Edmund Cullen QC (1991) (QC-2012)

Rebecca Stubbs QC (1994) (QC-2012)

Timothy Dutton QC (1985) (QC-2013)

Thomas Grant QC (1993) (QC-2013)

James Aldridge QC (1994) (QC-2014)

Andrew Ayres QC (1996) (QC-2015)

Simon Nesbitt QC (2015) (QC-2015)

David Mumford QC (2000) (QC-2016)

Catherine Addy QC (1998) (QC-2017)

Gregory Banner QC (1989) (QC-2018)

George Hayman QC (1998) (QC-2018)

Nigel Thomas (1976)

Timothy Evans (1979)

John Dagnall (1983)

Timothy Harry (1983)

James Clifford (1984)

Philomena Harrison (1985)

Michael Pryor (1992)

Andrew Westwood (1994)

Siward Atkins (1995)

James Hanham (1996)

Paul Clarke (1997)

Tim Calland (1991)

Matthew Smith (2001)

Adam Smith (2001)

Rebecca Page (2001)

Benjamin John (2002)

Richard Fowler (2003)

Olivier Kalfon (2003)

Alec McCluskey (2005)

Fiona Dewar (2005)

Watson Pringle (2005)

Thomas Munby (2006)

Jonathan Allcock (2007)

Rosanna Foskett (2008)

Laurie Scher (2008)

Caley Wright (2008)

Oliver Phillips (2009)

James Ballance (2009)

Thomas Fletcher (2009)

Narinder Jhittay (2010)

Hannah Ilett (2011)

Duncan McCombe (2012)

Maxim Cardew (2012)

Laurie Brock (2013)

James Kinman (2013)

Gabriella McNicholas (2013)

Edward Granger (2013)

Edward Meuli (2014)

Amanda Hadkiss (2014)

Ted Loveday (2016)

Ryan Turner (2017)

Andrew McLeod (2017)

Emily Gailey (2017)

James Mitchell (2018)