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Partners: Claudio Magliona, Giovanni Donati, Nicolas Yuraszeck and Juan Pablo Montiel
Number of partners: 4
Number of associates: 10

Firm Overview:
Magliona Abogados provides legal services of excellence both to local and multinational companies. It specialises in corporate matters, tax services, complex business litigation and finance structures, telecommunications, technology law, intellectual and industrial property and management of government relations and public policies, including, among others, corporate structuring, due diligence planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial assistance, syndicated loans, liability restructuring and leasing. The firm are experts in licensing and software development agreements, technological platforms, franchises, data protection, computer crimes, distribution, production and financing of film and television. Its clients encompass a wide range of enterprises. Its goal is to build sound and enduring relationships that help its clients reach their goals.

Main Areas of Practice:
The firm's professional services include specialised corporate, corporate and tax matters, litigation, telecommunications, new technologies law, intellectual and industrial property and management of government relations and public policies, including, among other matters, corporate structuring, process planning due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, financial advice, syndicated loans and restructuring of liabilities. They are experts in licensing and contracts for software development, technological platforms, franchises, data protection, cybercrime and contracts for distribution, production and financing of productions.

Venture Capital:
Magliona Abogados is a recognised firm in venture capital and advises its clients from its initial stages to its consolidation and internationalisation process. It provides advice on all types of venture capital financing, supporting its clients on each stage of the company’s growth, including seed capital, early stage rounds, rounds of growth, debt financing, angel investor rounds, due diligence, corporate governance and tax planning.

Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions:
Magliona Abogados provides advice on corporate and contractual matters, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and due diligence processes. It advises its clients during the process of determining the corresponding corporate structure, including negotiating shareholder agreements and drafting the needed documents to materialize the joint venture, merger or acquisition. Its consultancy includes all aspects necessary for the establishment and development of a commercial activity, including, among others, customs, real estate, tax, labour advice and in matters of regulated markets and free competition legislation. It provides support to its clients structuring a wide range of corporate transactions and advising on all types of contracts and operations both locally and internationally.

Real Estate:
Magliona Abogados provides advice on all types of real estate projects, purchase and sale of real estate, subdivisions and mergers of properties, leases, usufructs, loans, real estate leasing and mortgage loans, defense in lawsuits, huge injury, demarcation, eviction, expropriation, concessions and permits in national goods for public use.

Labour & Employment:
Magliona Abogados has a labour practice in charge of experts in the field. It supports its clients, especially human resources departments, in planning, management and legal audit. It provides legal services to companies and individuals in matters such as representation in labor litigation, drafting and management of individual contracts and collective work instruments, individual or collective negotiation processes, compensation and incentives, labour accidents, representation before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security, among others. The firm has experience in the field of subcontracting, advising leading companies, contractors and subcontractors. One of the main objectives of its professional advice in this area is to prevent conflict. In this way, its purpose is to work along with its clients, developing policies and practices that promote productive relationships, with the aim of reducing the possibility of labour conflicts – whether individual or collective, or administrative sanctions. Finally, it has the lawyers, the knowledge and experience required to advise its clients before the legal, substantive and procedural modifications of the Labor Reform.

Litigation & Arbitration:
Magliona Abogados defends the interests of its clients in mediations and arbitrations, in the filing of legal actions in civil, contractual and non-contractual liability matters, as well as in the forced execution of credit agreements. Magliona Abogados represents its clients before the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, arbitration judges and Ordinary Courts of Justice.

Media & Entertainment:
Magliona Abogados represents the different agents of this dynamic industry, providing advice to actors and producers, in advertising contracts and production, distribution and financing of cinematographic works and other productions agreements. It participates in the creation of the business plan, in the corporate structuring and in the determination of the most appropriate financing structure for each project.

Government Relations & Policy Matters:
Magliona Abogados handles government relations and policy matters for its clients, including a vast range of strategies and areas with key players and Government agencies.

Intellectual Property:
Magliona Abogados advises its clients in the registration of trademarks, patents and industrial designs, as well as in matters relating to copyright and the internet. The protection of intellectual property is an area of special relevance for companies as they continue to expand and protect their technologies, brands, products, data and services. Magliona Abogados is a leading firm in the intellectual property market, providing strategic, commercial and litigation advice in the area.

Consumer Protection:
Magliona Abogados advises its clients on matters related to consumer law, from a current perspective, taking into account the sustainable development of the regulations applicable to this subject and its relationship with other areas of practice. It specialises in the analysis of the general contracting conditions for compliance with the duties and obligations established in the legislation. In particular, in matters of e-commerce. The firm represents the interests of its clients in collective and individual actions, administrative actions, mediations, agreements and collective trials.

Data Protection:
Magliona Abogados advises its clients in the drafting, implementation and enforcement of privacy policies, which cover issues related to the right to image, the right to honor and privacy, the protection or commercial exploitation of the image and other assets related to Privacy. At Magliona Abogados they adapt their clients to the data protection obligations imposed by the new regulations on the subject.

Magliona Abogados has a team of experts in the protection of new technologies and the intellectual and industrial property of its clients. It advises important telecommunications companies, software producers and other technologies as well as companies that provide services on the Internet and others that need to protect their intangible assets, such as databases. An important area of expertise of the firm is the licensing of software, technological contracts, file exchange platforms and data processing, electronic contracting, data protection, protocol and privacy policies, security and computer crime. It protects the technological development of its clients in terms of intellectual property and industrial property, including copyright, trademarks, invention patents, utility models, industrial designs, domain names and others. It has successfully participated in the establishment of franchises, distribution and representation contracts both nationally and regionally. In complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, in addition to the firm's corporate and corporate practice, it incorporates its solid experience in considering technology as a relevant asset in such processes.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Clients: Local and multinational companies. A complete list is available upon request.


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