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Head of Chambers: Gavin Mansfield QC
Chambers Director: Liz Dux
Senior Clerk: Jason Drakeford
A/Cs Receivable Manager: Felicity Schneider
Tenants: 51

Littleton is a leading employment and commercial Chambers. The set’s highly regarded team of 51 barristers, including 12 silks, all provide exceptional advice and advocacy to clients.

Littleton members’ practices cover a wide spectrum of work in a number of jurisdictions, including: employment law; business protection (both statutory and High Court); commercial law, incorporating fraud, insolvency, financial services, banking, commercial contracts, share and business sale agreements, shareholder disputes, company and partnership law, disciplinary and regulatory; sports law; injunctions; and mediation and arbitration, civil investigations, international and offshore disputes.

Littleton funds two pupils per year. Chambers are members of the Pupillage Gateway. Littleton places great value not only on the legal skills of their pupils and tenants as advocates and lawyers, but also on their practical, friendly and responsive approach. Littleton welcomes candidates as pupils who, in addition to an excellent academic record, show a flair for advocacy and have strong interpersonal skills necessary to succeed at the modern-day Bar. Littleton also welcomes applications from established wellregarded, experienced and ambitious practitioners.

Littleton Chambers is committed to principles of equality, diversity and social mobility in its provision of legal services, its recruitment and in its internal management of both staff and members. The set’s barristers are committed to supporting schemes such as mentoring, visits to schools and sponsoring Bar schools with a higher representation of BAME and underrepresented students. Chambers is proud to participate in the Bar Placement Scheme and some of its members support the Bar Council e-mentoring scheme to aid those seeking to enter the profession who require assistance. Candidates for pupillage and recruitment are assessed solely on grounds of merit and Chambers welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and sectors of the community.

Littleton is one of the first few Chambers to work in conjunction with Rare, whose contextualised recruitment system is used by the set to review applicants for pupillage in respect of a candidate’s social economic background. Such initiatives are all part of the set’s commitment to improve diversity at the Bar in the longer term and to ensure it is more reflective of the society we live in. Chambers understands that not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper. At Littleton, the set’s aim is to recruit the best people from every background.

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Gavin Mansfield QC (1992) (QC-2013)

Selwyn Bloch QC (1982) (QC2000)

David Reade QC (1983) (QC2006)

Paul Gilroy QC (1985) (QC-2006)

Charles Samek QC (1989) (QC2010)

Daniel Tatton Brown QC (1994) (QC-2016)

Jonathan Cohen QC (1999) (QC2016)

Adam Solomon QC (1998) (QC2018)

Mohinderpal Sethi QC (1996) (QC 2019)

Dale Martin QC (1997) (QC 2019)

Nick Siddall QC (1997) (QC 2019)

John Mehrzad QC (2005) (QC 2020)

Martin Fodder (1983)

Antony Sendall (1984)

Sam Neaman (1988)

Andrew Maguire (1988)

Rupert D’Cruz (1989)

Jeremy Lewis (1992)

Chris Quinn (1992)

Carol Davis (1996)

Niran de Silva (1997)

Lucy Bone (1999)

Matthew Sheridan (2000)

Ming-Yee Shiu (2000)

James Wynne (2002)

David Lascelles (2003)

Martin Palmer (2003)

Daniel Northall (2004)

Edward Kemp (2005)

Alexander Robson (2006)

Charlotte Davies (2006)

Lydia Banerjee (2007)

James Bickford Smith (2008)

Charlene Ashiru (2008)

Alexander Halban (2009)

Nicholas Goodfellow (2009)

Benjamin Gray (2011)

Marc Delehanty (2011)

Mark Humphreys (2012)

Sophia Berry (2012)

Grahame Anderson (2013)

Jamie Susskind (2013)

Ashley Cukier (2013)

Georgina Leadbetter (2013)

Joseph Bryan (2015)

James Green (2015)

Kieran Wilson (2016)

Stuart Sanders (2017)

Bianca Balmelli (2017)

Alex Francis (2018)

Anirudh Mathur (2017)

Mauro Rubino- Sammartano (1961)++

Sir Michael Burton GBE (1970)++

Richard Perkoff (1971)++

Mark Lomas QC (1977) (QC2003)++

Matthieu de Boisseson (1978)++

John Bowers QC (1979) (QC1998)++

Andrew Clarke QC (1980) (QC1997)++

Peter Trepte (1987)++

Kelly Pennifer (1994)++

George Z Georgiou (2000)++

Chelva Retnam Rajah SC++

Dr Alan M Anderson++

John J Kerr++

Prof Anthony Daimsis++

David Higgins ++

Louise Barrington ++

++ Associate Tenant