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This content is provided by LEGSE-FIDES Abogados.

Managing Partners: Segundo Ruiz Rodriguez
Number of partners: 1
Number of lawyers: 7
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Firm Overview:
LEGSE Abogados, founded by the Lawyer and Doctor of Law Segundo Ruiz in 1994, is a law firm recognized for its expertise on providing legal services to international companies. The Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 recommend LEGSE-FIDES in their prestigious 2019 Directories, in the insurance practice area. LEGSE Abogados’s main areas of practice are insurance, corporate and commercial, labour, corporation tax, white collar crime, anti-money laundering and civil and commercial litigation. In 2004, LEGSE Abogados founded FIDES Abogados, of which LEGSE owns 95%. This firm is the tax representative in Spain of 38 major insurance companies. It is remarkable that the joint invoicing of both firms in subjects related to insurance law places LEGSE–FIDES in one of the first positions in this sector of the Spanish legal services market. From an insurance law doctrinal point of view, LEGSE Abogados is the leading law firm Spain both due to the books the firm has published and the high-level courses it conducts.

Main Areas of Practice:
-Insurance Law Litigation
-Tax Representative (insurance companies)
-Insurance Regulatory
-Anti-Money Laundering (insurance)
-Insurance Policies Wording
-Commercial Law
-Ombudsman for insurance companies and pension plans

Insurance Law Litigation: 
5 Lawyers, Spain
Litigation in all types of courts, principally in Life, Accidents, Liability and Health insurances. Execution judicial and extrajudicial resolutions. General advice about insurance for private companies. Civil Declaratory Action, bill of exchange action. In 2019, LEGSE Abogados managed 279 new legal proceedings related to life insurance, personal accident insurance and health insurance. This signifies that the firm is the leader of Spain in terms of the number of judicial insurance proceedings handled of this kind.
Key Clients: VidaCaixa SAU, SegurCaixa Adeslas, CA Life insurance Experts, Telefónica Seguros, Van Ameyde.
Contact Name: Segundo Ruiz Rodríguez
Tel: +34 91 576 06 73
Email: [email protected]

Tax Representations (Insurance Companies):
3 Lawyers, Spain
Tax representation of Insurance Companies in Freedom of Services in Spain. This service implies that LEGSE Abogados provides all the services the client needs from a tax representative, including updates on tax compliance requirements, amendments to relevant tax legislation and providing tax legal information (referred to insurances) when required. Tax representative of 38 insurance companies in Spain.
Key Clients: Utmost (Generali Paneurope); MetLife Europe Insurance DAC; Intesa San Paolo Insurance DAC; Hansard Europe DAC; Seb Life International Assurance Company DAC; St. James´s Place International PLC; Prudential International assurance PLC, Calie Europe S.A., Swisspartners Versicherung AG, VHV Versicherungen, Carma and Carma Vie S.A., Cardif Lux Vie, Gothaer Allgemeine, CNP Santander Insurance Europe.
Contact Name: Segundo Ruiz Rodríguez
Tel: +34 91 576 06 73
Email: [email protected]

Insurance Regulatory:
2 Lawyers, Spain
Representing insurance companies on Spanish Regulatory Insurance Authorities. Writing, translating and reviewing policies, general and particular conditions, technical notes and other documents related to the insurance business. Representation and advice in all procedures to be performed before the Spanish Insurance Authorities (DGSFP). Providing legal and tax opinion and general advice on Life and Non-Life products. Preparing the necessary documentation for the implementation of the IDD. Register of life policies covering death risk before the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
Contact Name: Segundo Ruiz Rodríguez, Eduardo Trillo
Tel: +34 91 576 06 73
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Anti-Money Laundering (Insurance):
1 Lawyer, Spain
LEGSE Abogados is the AML representative in Spain of 5 insurance companies (solve questions about the requirements according to AML Spanish regulations; meet the requirements from SEPBLAC and other Spanish authorities on issues related to money laundering; arrange for an annual audit, according to Spanish Law, etc.)
Key Clients: Seb Life International Assurance Company DAC, Old Mutual International Life Ireland DAC; Intesa San Paolo Life DAC; Vitis Life S.A.; Hansard Europe DAC, Octium Life DAC.
Contact Name: Paloma Avellán Ruiz de León
Tel: +34 91 576 06 73
Email: [email protected]

Insurance Policies Wording:
2 Lawyers, Spain
Another important specialty of LEGSE-FIDES Abogados is to review the new product literature (insurance policies wording).
Key Clients: Intesa San Paolo Life DAC, Telefónica Seguros
Contact Name: Eduardo Trillo (Insurance actuary. Former senior executive of the Spanish Insurance Authorities)
Tel: +34 91 576 06 73
Email: [email protected]

Ombudsman for Insurance Companies & Pension Plans:
3 Lawyers, Spain
Key Clients: CHUBB European Group Ltd.; Seguros Bilbao; Iptiq (Swissre), Intesa San Paolo Life DAC, Bestinver.