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Lawyers‘ Office Olodar Prebanić & Arela Jusufbašić-Goloman

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This content is provided by Lawyers‘ Office Olodar Prebanić & Arela Jusufbašić-Goloman.

Senior Partner: Olodar Prebanic
Other Partners: Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman
Associated Lawyers: Lana Jusufbasić
Total number of lawyers: 7
Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian

Firm Overview:
Lawyers’ Office Olodar Prebanic & Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman is a successor of the Lawyers’ Office Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic, Olodar Prebanic & Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman, which was founded in 1994 by lawyer Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic. Lawyer Olodar Prebanic joined the firm in 1997 while lawyer Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman joined in 2005. Lawyer Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic has decided to retire at the end of 2018 and consequently, to stop practising law. Lawyers and Partners in the firm, Olodar Prebanic and Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman continue their usual business and the firm’s practice with their team of associates. Today it is the two-partner firm with a number of other lawyers acting as associates and trainees. From the very beginning the main clients were foreign embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and corporation coming from their countries, as well as international financial institutions, foreign banks, international organisations, multinational corporations, international non-profit organisations and other similar clients. Since that period, foreign clients and their local companies, which they founded, purchased or privatised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, remained the firm’s permanent clients. Today, the firm has acquired an indisputable reputation for outstanding quality of the services rendered to its mainly foreign clients.

Main Areas of Practice:

M&A, Privatisation, Investments:

The firm, both independently and in cooperation with the biggest international law firms, has been engaged in a number of M&A and privatisation projects from different sectors, as well as the most significant stateowned banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides the large number of due diligences, the firm has actively participated in modelling the legal structure of different investment projects and advising its international clients in numerous projects of acquisition of local companies and banks, joint venture projects and independent business transactions in B&H.

Banking & Finances:
The firm regularly provides legal services to the largest international financial organisations and banks in their financing projects in B&H, such as advising on the local mandatory law, caring out due diligences of the local entities for the purpose of such financing, participation in negotiation and contracting of the loans and collaterals, together with providing legal opinions for the needs of creditors. Legal services include providing advice in relation to the capital market issues.

Corporate & Employment:
The firm actively participated in the USAID’s Corporate Governance Project in B&H making proposals for new legal solutions in the area of corporate governance. With such knowledge, the corporate law practice makes one of the major area of its business. The foreign investors which were advised and represented in the process of investing in B&H are today regularly advised by the firm on corporate and employment issues important for their locally run companies.

Energy, Concessions, Procurement:
The firm advise the leading international clients in the energy (oil and gas) and infrastructural (construction) projects being currently run in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the related concession and procurement projects.

Real Estates & Construction:
The services provided by the firm include support in negotiating and drafting purchase, sale, construction and financing agreements as well as modelling the legal structure for all sort of real estate projects.

The firm offers services related to the transactions which may require application of competition regulations in B&H. The clients are provided with the services of obtaining concentration clearance, and the advice on all aspects of the competition law.

The firm has handled a number of telecommunications transactions, including sales and acquisitions of telecom companies and internet service providers.

Consumer Protection & Product Liability:
The firm offers legal advisory and practice service in the fields such as: food/non-food labelling, packaging requirements, product safety, technical standards, product recall and market withdrawals, as well as resolving all consumer issues arising in the local market, including distribution and distribution-related matters.

Bankruptcy & Liquidation:
The firm provides legal services of representing the clients in the procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy of local companies and banks. The office represented the interests of a larger group of international creditors (27 of them) in the liquidation procedure of a local bank and has carried out numerous liquidations of local companies.

Dispute Resolution:
Given the long-standing practice in judiciary of the firm’s founder Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic, who was dealing as judge with commercial, civil, and labour-related disputes, the firm continued to provide clients with services related to mostly their high-value commercial, IP and labour court cases.

Other Legal Areas Belonging To the General Business Law:
As the firm provides legal services in the field of the entire general business law, it means that, in addition to the listed areas, it covers also various forms of counselling the clients on different business issues such as preparing studies regarding investments and related risks in B&H, personal data protection, IP matters etc.

The firm’s policy is to act as a team in each case where such need is shown, as all partners are top experts in each sub-field of the general business law. Such constant teamwork of all partners, with valuable support of other lawyers in the office, guarantees continuous service quality, regardless of the particular partner who provides service to the client. For these reasons, any new case starts with client’s contact with partners in the firm.
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Key Clients:
Avon Cosmetics B&H; AstraZeneca Zagreb, Croatia; The Export-Import Bank of China, MANN+HUMMEL BA, ProCredit Bank d.d. Sarajevo; NOBEL İLAÇ SANAYİİ ve TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina; British Council; Ericsson Group; TECHNITAL S.p.A., Italy; European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland; Addnode Group Sweden, Sberbank Europe AG, Austria; Cement Plant Kakanj/Heidelberg Cement Group; Molkerei Zott SE & Co. KG, Germany; Mars GmbH, Netherland; Molson Coors d.o.o. Banja Luka/ Zagrebacka pivovara d.o.o., Croatia/ Molson Coors Europe, members of Molson Coors Brewery Company; Schindler Slovenia, Ljubljana; Shell International V.B. Netherland; Shell Adria d.o.o. Slovenia; Xella BH d.o.o., member of Xella Group; Scania Credit AB Sweden; Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation Sweden Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina; International Finance Corporation, Washington, USA