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Managing Partners: Ivan Ikrényi, Martin Rehák
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 14, including Managing partners
Languages: Slovak, English, German, Hungarian, Czech

The law firm IKRÉNYI & REHÁK, s.r.o. was established in 2008 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, presently, the team consists of 14 legal professionals experienced in both Slovak and International law. The practice is strongly focused on insolvency and restructuring, competition law, IP/IT and media, corporate law, M&A and litigation.

According to the most prestigious national ranking of law firms in Slovakia, IKRÉNYI & REHÁK, s.r.o. is the “Law Firm of the Year” 2016, 2018 and 2019 in the area of Restructuring/Insolvency and also regularly recommended in the areas of litigation and tax law.

The firm provides legal services mostly for banks and financial institutions. Its daughter company, I & R KONKURZY A REŠTRUKTURALIZÁCIE, k.s. is one of Slovakia´s largest insolvency practitioner with offices in Bratislava, Trenčín, Žilina, Prešov and Košice, presently administering almost 100 insolvency proceedings (


Insolvency Law:
IKRÉNYI & REHÁK, s.r.o. has many-year experience in the area of insolvency and restructuring law. The law firm cooperates with most of the banks and financial institutions in Slovakia. Currently, the law firm administers (directly or via its subsidiary, I & R KONKURZY A REŠTRUKTURALIZÁCIE, k.s.”) insolvency proceedings in the aggregate amount of approx. EUR 550 million. In 2018, we provided (directly or via our subsidiary company) complex insolvency consulting for an insolvent company manufacturing knitted mattress covers, which was, in respect of the number of employees, the largest insolvency declared in Slovakia in 2018. The major projects where the law firm provided insolvency consulting in the last year further include insolvency of the first Slovak outlet center, preparation of restructuring and subsequent insolvency of a company operating in development, manufacture, and sale of carbon materials and final products for transport and industry, insolvency of the company manufacturing and developing universal finalizing machines, insolvency of the company operating on national basis in waste collection, disposal and distribution for recycling, insolvency of the company manufacturing metal structures, and others. The law firm represented the Capital City of SR – Bratislava in protection of the heritage fund in bankruptcy, some other Slovak and foreign creditors in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, as well as acting as insolvency administrators in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Via our subsidiary, we exercised the duties of a restructuring practitioner of the company manufacturing aluminum structures and the company operating in agriculture, animal production, and renewable energy resources; both restructuring proceedings were successfully completed in 2018. In the last year, via our subsidiary, we exercised the duties of a supervisory administrator of the company manufacturing technical fibers for airbags, tires, ropes, nets and woven products with approx. 450 employees, having a subsidiary in Latvia with approx. 150 employees, and a local brewery; we prepared also the restructuring of the company operating in food industry with assets in the value of approx. EUR 14 million.

Competition Law:
In 2018, the law firm represented one of the parties to the proceedings before the Antimonopoly Office, on which a fine was imposed, in case of court review of the decision, and provided legal consulting in case of investigating a suspected cartel action. The law firm recommended the way of procedure to an entity operating in the partially regulated segment in a case of dispute, from the aspect of the economic competition law, suggested the structure of transaction from the aspect of compliance with the rules of regulated concentration reviewed in the proceedings before the Antimonopoly Office in respect of the enterprises with the turnover of approx. EUR 40 million, suggested the structure of transfer of the business company from the aspect of compliance with the rules of regulated concentration in respect of enterprises with the turnover of approx. EUR 17 million, and reviewed the issues of concentration of a joint venture in the actual volume of approx. EUR 60 million.

IT/ IP Law:
Our law firm represents a wide spectrum of companies operating in the area of information technologies, including start-up companies, manufacturers of high-tech equipment and chips, providers of services connected with use of pilot free drones, operators of payment terminal systems, bank systems, food vouchers, provides support to mobile operators, to providers of complex solutions for IT infrastructures, to one of the largest software houses in Slovakia, further to the company with the largest share in the market of ERP solutions for planning and management of corporate processes.

In respect of intellectual property, the law firm provides legal services particularly to some publishers of print media, internet portals operators, and radio broadcasting operators. It represents its clients in copyright proceedings, proceedings on protection of personality rights, and in industrial/legal proceedings, including acting before the Industrial Property Office.

Within the transaction agenda, the law firm was engaged in several important transactions in 2018, including provision of legal advice to the client – developer in connection with entry of a strategic foreign co-investor and a renowned development company into the project of construction of a large polyfunctional center on the foothill of the Bratislava Castle – the Vydrica location, establishing a joint venture in the value of EUR 60 million. Further, the law firm provided legal advice in creating the joint venture structure of two Slovak significant business groups for the purpose of later acquisition of a post enterprise, including creation of a complex shareholding structure, in sale of 100 % share in an IT company, including settlement of the relating relationships, in sale of a development project in Bratislava comprising a combination of sale of the land and an investment company for a large development group, including preparation of the structure of transaction in the value of approx. EUR 14 million, in entry of an investor to a prestigious project of development and manufacture of a flying vehicle, comprising the complex corporate structure and the law of Luxembourg. Our law firm participated also in preparation of sale of several smaller enterprises, parts of enterprises and companies in various areas.

The Law Office IKRÉNYI & REHÁK deals with several hundreds of disputes; in some cases in the value of several tens of million EUR, in various areas, including but not limited to the civil law, protection of personality, unfair competition, commercial, insolvency, banking, and tax law, as well in case of indemnification of damage due to violation of the European law. We represent our clients in proceedings with strategic significance, such as the cases of copyright or power industry. We also provide legal support or various services in out-of-court enforcement of several thousands of claims in the insurance industry. The law firm also represents its clients before administrative courts and the Constitutional Court. We prepare analyses and statements to some threatening or pending litigations, and prepare or review the applied procedural strategies.
In 2018, we represented our clients in disputes with the value of approximately EUR 200 million.

Corporate Law and Labour Law:
The law firm provides complex legal services connected with corporate agenda of business companies from establishment thereof, legal services in their activities, internal processes and changes, shareholding relations, including the securities law, up to liquidation of companies. It also provides the services of an authorized person for the register of public sector partners. Our permanent clients include several renowned and starting-up IT companies, some medium, small, and large development and investment companies, companies operating in transportation and machine industry, the holding of importers and vendors of personal vehicles of various brands, as well as companies operating in the power industry, waste management, and environment. The Law Office provides wide support, particularly to our corporate clients, in various areas of labour law, including preparation of internal regulations, procedures, legal documentation or in connection with assigning and hiring employees, including representation of the clients before foreign authorities. The wide legal labour agenda includes many insolvency proceedings. Our law firm represents both the corporate and individual clients in labour disputes.

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