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Partners: Ben Rose, Ross Dixon, Daniel Machover, Jenny Wiltshire, Andrew Katzen, Kate Maynard, Aileen Colhoun, Stefano Ruis and Peter Csemiczky
Number of UK partners: 9
Number of other fee-earners: 13

Corporate & Financial Crime:
Ben Rose, Ross Dixon
Serious & General Crime: Jenny Wiltshire
Regulatory Law & Professional Discipline: Andrew Katzen
Civil Fraud: Daniel Machover
Civil Claims: Kate Maynard
Civil Liberties, Human Rights & Public Law: Daniel Machover
Extradition & Mutual Legal Assistance: Andrew Katzen

THE FIRM Hickman & Rose are litigation specialists working in corporate and financial crime, serious and general crime, regulatory law, professional discipline, civil liberties, human rights and fraud. The firm's expert lawyers offer bespoke and discrete guidance through the most challenging legal difficulties.

Hickman & Rose is renowned for its success combining the skills and tactics of criminal and civil litigation to offer its clients the best possible representation, whatever legal difficulties they face. The firm has deep expertise representing clients accused of serious wrongdoing, both at home and abroad. It is top ranked for criminal defence and is established as a 'go to' firm for white-collar crime, corruption and bribery litigation. A market leader in civil actions against the state, Hickman & Rose is recognised for its success in obtaining remedies for those who have suffered damage to their professional lives or reputation following arrest including police cautions and disclosure of criminal records. The firm has growing regulatory and civil fraud practices.


Corporate & Financial Crime: Hickman & Rose has extensive experience representing individuals and organisations facing serious allegations of corporate and financial crime, both in the UK and abroad. It has been involved in some of the most high-profile SFO cases and has an excellent record of averting prosecution. It offers advice on LIBOR and FOREX cases, cartels, antitrust, insider dealing, corporate manslaughter, health and safety and other business crimes. It is skilled in providing crisis management, strategic advice, internal investigations and reputational protection.

Serious & General Crime:
Hickman & Rose is acknowledged as a market leader defending clients involved police investigations and criminal prosecutions at every level. It has represented high-profile and wealthy clients against serious and reputationally damaging charges. The firm is particularly valued for its ability take care of sensitive matters in a discrete and efficient manner, and for concluded many cases before charge.

Regulatory Law & Professional Discipline:
Hickman & Rose advises individuals and corporates being investigated by professional regulators such as the FCA, the FRC, the CQC and OFSTED. It has also acted for many professionals facing disciplinary action such as doctors, social care professionals teachers and accountants. The firm prides itself on providing a bespoke, partner-led service rather than an 'off the shelf' volume-based practice.

Hickman & Rose has had significant success acting for victims, suspects and defendants in cases of money laundering, tax evasion, VAT fraud, investment and mortgage fraud.

Civil Claims:
Hickman & Rose acts for claimants in civil cases involving crime and policing. These range from public law challenges to government and law enforcement agencies to civil claims for assaults, rapes and other unlawful acts. The firm addresses serious failures in policing and detention including race discrimination and the denial of freedom to protest and frequently wins compensation claims for serious injuries incurred at the hands of state bodies.

Civil Liberties, Human Rights & Public Law:
Hickman & Rose are inquest and public inquiry specialists, with a strong reputation for defending the right to life in major cases of deaths in custody. Its civil team make frequent and effective use of judicial review to challenge overbearing state power. It has developed a specialism helping those who have suffered professional or reputational harm following contact with the police, including quashing police cautions and preventing harmful disclosure of information from their police records.

Extradition & Mutual Legal Assistance:
Hickman & Rose takes on difficult extradition cases across a broad range of countries including the US and South Africa.