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Greyhawk Intelligence Group

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Number of Employees: 7
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Overview & History:
Established in 2012, Greyhawk is a “low volume, high impact” business intelligence specialist. The firm has a strong focus on complex, high value and cross border disputes. Greyhawk supports in-house counsel and law firms during litigation, arbitration, asset recovery and contentious situations generally.

Greyhawk combines a range of approaches according to client requirements. These include witness identification and interviewing, intelligence gathering through an extensive international network, interrogation and analysis of public information sources, surveillance, and specialist tools to surface data from the deep and dark web.

In the last three years, Greyhawk has provided litigation support services to international law firms, banks, debt funds and state asset resolution agencies.

The firm works across the EMEA region, and is especially known for its expertise in the CIS, Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

The firm’s directors are regularly asked to address lawyers on the interplay between investigations and litigation, speaking in New York, Moscow, Kiev, Dublin, London and Dubai.

Litigation and Arbitration

Support Greyhawk supports legal counsel in the collection and deployment of evidence and intelligence in complex, high value and cross-border disputes. The firm’s support may include locating, profiling and interviewing witnesses; demonstrating hidden connections between individuals and companies; locating defendants and establishing jurisdiction.
Recent cases include: Reconstructing transactions and asset disposals in six jurisdictions over a 30 year period to support a trust beneficiary’s claim against a trustee; supporting a European bank’s defence of a US$ 1bn claim in the English Commercial Court; gathering evidence of an investor’s track record of broken promises to support a state’s defence in arbitration.

Asset Tracing
Greyhawk identifies the assets of personal and corporate judgement debtors and of sovereigns in the enforcement of arbitral awards. The firm works across onshore, frontier and offshore jurisdictions. In notable successes, the firm has identified luxury property, aircraft and yachts through innovative techniques, including geolocation and Freedom of Information Requests.
Recent cases include: Identifying former directors’ high-value assets in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Caribbean following the collapse of a Russian bank; identification of personal property and other high value assets (held through offshore entities) in the US, UK and Nigeria to enable an African bank to enforce a US$ 150m personal guarantee; identifying the commercial assets of an EU sovereign to support an investor’s enforcement of an arbitral award.

Contentious Insolvency
The firm acts for creditors, insolvency practitioners and their counsel during high value insolvencies and bankruptcies. Clients include bank deposit insurance agencies and asset resolution agencies of several states, NPL investors and bank recovery teams.
Recent cases include: On behalf of the administrator of a listed company in insolvency, identifying onshore and offshore property assets of former directors accused of fraud; following a bank collapse in Eastern Europe, supporting state authorities by identifying SPVs in Luxembourg and other offshore jurisdictions used by the bank’s former chairman.

Other Investigations
Greyhawk provides a rapid and discreet response for clients dealing with fraud, conflicts of interest and corruption allegations, especially in countries where head office has limited oversight and access.
The firm conducts in depth integrity due diligence investigations for a select group of clients, including multilateral institutions, investment banks and major corporates. These investigations always combine intelligence from in-country sources with relevant public information.