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Partners: Joël Grangé, Philippe Montanier, Arnaud Chaulet, Marine Conche, Florence Aubonnet, Juliana Kovac, Olivier Kress, Blandine Allix, Nabila Fauché-El Aougri, Stéphanie Guedes da Costa, Laurent Gamet, Stéphanie Dumas, Joumana Frangie-Moukanas, Cyprien Pialoux, Jeannie Crédoz-Rosier, Charlotte Michaud, Bruno Fieschi, Corinne Potier, Aurélie Cormier Le Goff, Florence Bacquet, Caroline Scherrmann, Camille Ventjou, Frédéric-Guillaume Laprévote, Stéphane Bloch, Emmanuel Raynaud
Number of partners worldwide: 25
Number of other lawyers worldwide: More than 80
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Flichy Grangé Avocats is among France’s leading employment and labour firms, comprising 25 partners, one senior counsel, six counsels, two consultants and 55 associates, all specialised in labour. The team works closely with HR directors and top management teams to help them anticipate and maximise potential change and ensure effective advice in court. To meet the needs of international groups efficiently, Flichy Grangé Avocats has co-created L&E Global, an integrated employment law alliance, along with premier boutique law firms specialising in employment (up to 23 worldwide).

The firm’s services are directed towards the major French and international groups, employers’ associations and small and medium businesses. Flichy Grangé Avocats is systematically ranked as one of the main specialist in employment and labour law by French and international directories and has moreover been awarded the first prize in the 'Reorganisation, restructuration and associated litigation' category, at the 16th Session of the Trophées du Droit organised by Leaders League.

Main Areas of Practice: 

-Collective Negotiations & Working Time
-Social Protection, Employee Savings & Incentive Schemes
-Health & Safety
-Social Security & Mandatory Regimes
-High Risk Litigation
-Company Managers & International Mobility
-Ethics & Diversity
-Public Sector Organisations

This practice helps with the assessment of the employment and labour law consequences of company sales, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions and the risks they involve, in particular by carrying out extensive employment and labour due diligence reviews or comprehensive studies of the impact on collective status. The firm also has recognised expertise in workforce reduction plans or site closure plans, in the form of either job preservation schemes or voluntary departure schemes and bearing in mind the recent major legal changes.

Collective Negotiations & Working Time:
The negotiation of national collective agreements or branch-level, group, company level or establishmentlevel agreements cannot be improvised and obeys very precise rules set by the French Labour Code and case law as recently reformed by law on labour/ management relations.

Social Protection, Employee Savings & Incentive Schemes:
The firm can assist both French and foreign companies to set up various systems providing for additional employee compensation, including employee savings schemes (incentive schemes and profit sharing plans, employee savings schemes), employee share ownership plans (stock options, free share awards) and death, disability and other benefit or supplementary pension schemes.

Health & Safety:
The absolute safety obligation falling on French employers requires them to implement a risk prevention policy with all due rigour. Whether the issues involve psychological risks resulting from employment, musculo-skeletal disorders, occupational cancer, etc., all the legislation has to be carefully monitored. The health and safety practice is responsible for monitoring these risks, in order to be in a position to give the firm’s clients the best possible advice on the preventive actions to be taken, in connection with the CHSCT (the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee).

Social Security & Mandatory Regimes:
The firm handles all social security issues, taking into account not only French law but also EU provisions. It also advises on unemployment schemes, supplementary pension schemes and special schemes applicable to specific cases. Partners finally assist their clients in all the required steps or measures, particularly at the time of audits by the Urssaf (the French authority responsible for collecting social security contributions), applications for refunds of overpayments or litigation with regards to accidents at work or occupational diseases.

High Risk Litigation:
The number of legal actions brought by employees and employee representatives with regards to sensitive issues involving criminal employment law (discrimination, criminal offence of failure to consult, inform or operate the works council (délit d’entrave), strikes, sit-ins, moral harassment, sexual harassment, unfair competition, 'mass' litigation, etc.) is increasing. The high risk litigation team has strong experience in these different risky litigation cases and an effective approach, as well as suitable human and technical resources to deal with individual litigation, and where applicable, 'mass' litigation cases throughout the entire French territory.

Company Managers & International Mobility:
The firm has set up a special company managers practice to assist company managers (employee or corporate officer) and to advise companies on the status of managers. It has developed specific know-how with regard to all the questions related to corporate governance and international mobility from compensation of corporate officers to employment contracts for managers, in particular in listed companies and international groups.

Ethics & Diversity:
The firm can assist in preparing a code of ethics, recruitment and diversity policy, internal regulations or IT codes of conduct. Lawyers can advise on the measures to be implemented and any difficulties that may arise on a complaint by an employee or by trade unions with regard to harassment or discrimination, or an investigation by the HALDE (the French anti-discrimination and equality authority).

Public Sector Organisations:
The state-owned companies practice has been set up to deal with all issues, arising with public sector organisation, which often involve a mix of administrative and civil law.

International Work:
Founding member of L&E Global; Lawyer network memberships: IBA, EELA, AVOSIAL.

The firm serves clients from all sectors of activity particularly industrial, financial services, information technology, the media and telecommunications. Clients include large groups (both French and international), professional associations of employers and small and medium-sized companies to whom the firm provides experience and practical advice in the day to day management of employment issues. The firm’s services are also accessible to public sector companies.