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Fischer y Cía

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Managing Partner: Cristóbal Herrera
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 16 lawyers and 16 auditors
Languages: English, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Fischer y Cía. was formed on January 15th, 2021, with a team that works together in a consolidated system for over four years, and whose recognition is extended and materialized in the trust of clients and national and international entities. Fischer y Cía. is a modern and efficient firm, that provides highly innovative, comprehensive, precise and businessoriented solutions. The firm seeks to create long-term relationships with clients, based on nearness, understanding, trust that delivers a tailored advice, for every particular need and requirement. Fischer y Cía. enriches its guidance with the tax compliance area, as an integral part of the team. The increasing complexity and sophistication required to comply with tax laws and regulations today is key and requires the greatest synchronicity of all practices, which is achieved through the leadership and joint work of the partners. Likewise, the business area allows to grant a vision and comprehensive legal advice and accompany clients in all aspects related to corporate legal requirements, with a commercial focus and suitable to the business strategies presented. Correspondingly, the merges and acquisitions, and banking and finance area advises on the broad scope of transactions for the acquisition of companies and assets, mergers, divisions, reorganisations and, in general, in all related operations as well as in the processes of financing of the same, whether these are banks, through capital markets or private. Fischer y Cía. also has a tax litigation team that handles complex and high-profile matters, with conflict resolution focus, and that in recent years has achieved important milestones and agreements that confirm its business emphasis. Fischer y Cía. offers the compromise and talent of a legally sound, unified and solid team of excellence, prepared to respond creatively, efficiently and proactively to the challenges that arise.

Main Areas of Practice:
Tax Practice:
The recognised experience and track record of Fischer y Cía.’s leaders together with the results of its advisories guarantee the quality and soundness of our practice. Its structures solutions that adapt to market dynamics and that are adjusted, with criteria, innovation and comprehensive vision to each need. Fischer y Cía.’s team is committed to provide with knowledge, efficiency in the execution, solidity and understanding each tax advice, including general corporate matters, merges and acquisitions, transactions, financing, implementations, transfer pricing, planning and structuring of assets of companies and individuals. Fischer y Cía. offers advice to local and foreign business groups, from various industries, to private clients, families and corporate businesses, with diligence, ethics and confidentiality, proposing the best and most appropriate solution to each matter.

General Corporate Advisory:
The experience and recognition of its corporate advisory leader, Cristóbal Herrera, allows Fischer y Cía. to offer certainty, clarity and knowledge for clients’ day-to-day decision making. The team ensures meticulous compliance with the procedures, rules, opinions and legal requirements of each business, accompanying in those processes of commercial contracting, regulatory compliance and, in general, all aspects related to corporate legal requirements, with a business focus and adapted to the strategies of each client. Fischer y Cía. is committed to the business success of its clients, so the firm anticipates and creates comprehensive solutions to looks after every aspect of the business.

Transactions: Merges & Acquisitions and Banking & Finance:
The mergers and acquisitions and banking and finance team seeks to understand in depth each business and client objective, with the aim of providing the best solution and advice regarding transactions, investments and proposed businesses. Fischer y Cía.’s advice covers all types of business and asset acquisition operations including mergers, divisions, reorganisations and all kind of transactions. Likewise, and as part of the services provided, the team has extensive experience in all types of financing operations with both national and foreign institutions, and for structures of various complexities and industries. Particularly, Fischer y Cía. has implemented corporate financing — individual and syndicated — debt restructurings, financial guarantees, and operations on derivatives. Finally, Fischer y Cía.’s team also has extensive experience in transactions involving securities, insurance and banking regulators.

Tax Compliance & Accounting:
The tax compliance area of Fischer y Cía. has the name of UNITAX and it is led by firm partner Boris León (link a su CV). Its objective is to take advantage of the synergy generated between the legal practice and the respective accounting advice that our clients require. Fischer y Cía. practices a personalised work methodology, adding value to management and going beyond the determination of values, as the firm provides complete answers and strategic solutions to each requirement. Its tax compliance area is firmly consolidated in the market and constitutes a pillar within the study, since it delivers continuity and a complete compliance of each advice or instruction. Fischer y Cía. professionals exhibit a vast experience in large auditing and macro companies as well as postgraduate tax and accounting studies.

Contact Names:
Tax: Alex Fischer, Carolina Collantes, Juan Cristóbal Ortega and Isabel Espinoza
Private Client: Alex Fischer, Carolina Collantes, Juan Cristóbal Ortega and Isabel Espinoza
Tax Compliance: Boris León
General Corporate Advisory: Cristóbal Herrera and Gerardo Cruzat
Merges & Acquisitions: Gerardo Cruzat and Cristóbal Herrera
Banking & Finance: Gerardo Cruzat and Cristóbal Herrera

Clients: Industry sectors include financial institutions; investment and commercial banking; retail stores; telecommunications; mining and mining supplies; pension funds; construction and infrastructure; food franchising; and professional services and consulting.