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Ekelmans & Meijer

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Managing Partners: David de Knijff, Astrid van Noort
Number of partners: 8
Number of lawyers: 31
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German

Firm Overview:
Ekelmans & Meijer is a Dutch based law firm with over 30 lawyers, active throughout the Netherlands and with a strong international focus. Ekelmans & Meijer is located in The Hague, the ‘legal capital of the world’. Ekelmans & Meijer can draw upon a wealth of expertise and knowledge, built up during the servicing of expert clients for well over a century. The firm helps clients in finding creative and practical answers to their high-end, complex questions. It serves midsized and large businesses in insurance, professional services, industry, corporate finance and health care.
Ekelmans & Meijer has a focus on Insurance and Corporate. This includes the following areas of expertise:
■ Insurance and Liability
■ Corporate/M&A;
■ Employment law;
■ Supreme Court & Expert Litigation

For its reputable insurance practice, Ekelmans & Meijer is a member of Insurance Law Global (ILG), the international network of insurance law firms. With members around the globe ILG offers international insurers access to top level insurance law support for their international activities.

German companies that (want to) do business in the Netherlands in line with Dutch law can turn to the specialised German Desk of Ekelmans & Meijer for sound legal advice and for support with legal procedures.

Main Areas of Practice:
Insurance & Liability:

Ekelmans & Meijer has a firmly established reputation in the insurance industry. The team represents most of the major international and Dutch listed insurance companies (liability, health and life) and represents clients in several of the largest and most remarkable cases in the insurance industry.

Ekelmans & Meijer is a member of Insurance Law Global (ILG), which gives and provides access to top level insurance law support for international activities.
Contact: Hanco Arnold
Email: [email protected]

Corporate & M&A:
Ekelmans & Meijer advises in a wide range of corporate law issues. The team is well versed in both mergers & acquisitions and corporate litigation. This enables the firm to adequately assist clients at drafting complex international contracts, at the negotiating table and if necessary in the courtroom as well. The corporate lawyers of Ekelmans & Meijer have earned their spurs in the area of both domestic and cross-border transactions. They have broad experience in supervising share transfers, controlled auctions, assets/liabilities transactions and corporate joint ventures.

Ekelmans & Meijer represents a range of clients, such as SMEs, multinationals, investment companies and (semi-)government institutions. As a consequence the team has been involved in a wide variety of leading cases such as the restructuring of a share fund, the acquisition of a life insurance company and the development of a new financial product by a big bank.)
Contact: Adriaan de Buck
Email: [email protected]

Human capital is the critical success factor for many companies and institutions. Employment law is all about people, work and organisations. The lawyers of Ekelmans & Meijer enable organisations to make the best possible use of the options available in this field of law and to minimise any risks entailed by employment law. The employment law team understands their clients and what drives them. The team counsels both listed companies as medium-sized businesses regarding employment law issues such as reorganisations, restructuring, pensions, mergers, takeovers, dismissals, collective labour agreements, appointment or dismissal of directors under the articles of association, disciplinary measures and strikes as well as participation law matters.
Contact: Robert Kütemann
Email: [email protected]

Supreme Court & Expert Litigation:
Ekelmans & Meijer belongs to a select group of firms with a highly regarded supreme court litigation practice. The Supreme Court & expert litigation team conducts proceedings up to and including the Supreme Court on a daily basis. Because of its experience and expertise, the team is also engaged by other lawyers as advisers and in litigation in a broader sense. The lawyers are often asked to assist leading law firms and other professional services firms as dedicated experts in appeal proceedings, because the gravity, importance and complexity of the case call for a strategic overview and new insights.
Contact: David de Knijff
Email: [email protected]