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Managing Partners: Paulina Riquelme Pallamar
Number of partners: 1
Number of other lawyers: 10

Firm Overview:
Eelaw is a highly specialized environment, energy and natural resources law firm. With extensive and proven experience in the legal analysis required for the development and implementation of projects, proceedings before the public authority, and the study of environmental regulations. The firm is up to date and offers a pioneer service of advanced legal services on several issues regarding the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The Eelaw’s lawyers have been trained in the best universities, with advanced studies and extensive experience in different areas of environmental law, which allows the firm to deliver a personalized service to each of its clients.

Eelaw believes in the full compatibility between economic activity and the sustainable development of the country, assisting its clients in finding ways that allows them to fully meet their objectives, while at the same time fully respecting the rules in force and generating positive links with their surroundings and their communities.

Eelaw proposes a collaborative style of work, focused on deep analysis of the law and its practical application aimed at obtaining concrete results in an efficient and effective manner, constantly innovating and creating new standards for the practice of environmental law. Eelaw has received national and international recognition, featured in international publications for the performance and work ethics of its legal team and outstanding results achieved for its clients.

In Eelaw the attorneys view all challenges as opportunities; they apply a flexible analysis, with emphasis on innovation and a personalized approach, enabling the firm to respond to each client individually, adjusting to their specific needs. Eelaw goes further, taking as reference not only the national law but also the development of international environmental practices, allowing the firm to bring to Chile the most advanced perspectives in the region and the world.

Main Areas of Practice:
Legal Studies & Regulatory Developments:

Eelaw knows that a cornerstone in legal practice is the deep knowledge of regulations and its professionals are experts in the analysis and study of legislation, both national and international. The firm is involved in the development of regulatory proposals and legal drafts, as well as preparing reports and presentations on environmental legal matters with an emphasis on innovation and awareness of the current status of the law.

Environmental Legal Advice:
Eelaw advises on environmental legal matters to a diverse range of actors, especially to clients in the mining industry. The team has extensive experience in assisting with compliance, due diligence, project financing and mergers and acquisitions. The firm regularly produces legal workshops that allow our customers to keep up with the advancements and changes in environmental regulations, and both administrative and judicial rulings. Also, the team produces guidelines and handbooks to ensure the compliance of regulations and provide legal assistance in environmental litigation and administrative proceedings.

Energy & Natural Resources:
Eelaw lawyers have specialized their practice in the regulations governing the mining activity, the handling and management of water resources, the aquaculture industry, biodiversity issues and the design of strategies for obtaining environmental permits and specialty authorizations. On energy, the firm advises on different renewable energies, and updates to the international regulations on climate change.

Pollution Control:
Eelaw provides legal advice on pollution control regulations regarding air quality, attainment and/or nonattainment actions plans, waste management, and economic instruments for pollution control. The firm advises its clients in the implementation of mechanisms for environmental compliance on emissions, air, water, soil, noise, waste and chemicals.

Some representative clients of Eelaw are: SONAMI (Sociedad Nacional de Minería), Teck Resources Chile, Mitsubishi Corporation, Asociación Gremial de Generadoras de Chile, Haldeman Minning Company and Compañía Minera Cerro Negro S.A., among others.


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Environmental Law 2019 Second Edition Law and Practice in Chile

Paulina Riquelme Pallamar, Ivette Cárdenas

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