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DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k.

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Provided by DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k.
Managing Partners: Dariusz Szcześniak
Partners: prof. dr hab. Jarosław Majewski, C. David DeBenedetti, Wojciech Barański, Bartosz Bagieński, Janusz Strankowski
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 14
Languages:English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
DMS is a transactional-litigation boutique with approx. 20 lawyers in Warsaw, Poland, specializing in corporate law, private equity, M&A, bankruptcy/restructuring, litigation and mediation, as well as in criminal law. DMS experience in drafting complicated transactions, tailored to the needs of very demanding clients, means that the law firm is the go-to firm for any difficult commercial situations, both in Poland and abroad. DMS acts as sub-contractor for many international law firms without a Warsaw office, assisting with cross-border M&A transactions, advising on local aspects of FCPA/Bribery Act claims, and amending contracts in order to reflect Polish law and business aspects.

Main Areas of Practice:

Bankruptcy and recovery
1 partner; 2 fee earners based in Warsaw
■DMS offers legal assistance in the scope of restructuring liabilities, with negotiations and with the enforcement of recovery programs, as well as with court and out-of-court settlements
■DMS advises institutional and private creditors in complex commercial litigations associated with the restructuring of receivables
■DMS represents clients in negotiating changes in the conditions of repayment of the existing obligations, obtaining new financing, establishing new security or selling assets to satisfy creditors
■Thanks to their knowledge of legal regulations regarding various business sectors, including the insurance sector, banking sector and financial services sector, DMS is involved in transactions and disputes related to the largest bankruptcy procedures in Poland
Contact: Wojciech Barański
Email: [email protected]

Corporate & Economic Disputes:
2 partners; 5 fee earners based in Warsaw
■DMS represents their clients in: civil (inter alia in class actions), commercial/corporate, administrative, bankruptcy and criminal (white-collar crime, FCPA) procedures, from first instance to the Supreme Court, as well as in matters pending before administrative bodies and enforcement authorities, common courts of law and before arbitration courts in Poland and internationally
■DMS offers their services to both institutional and individual clients, Polish and international companies, as well as private investors
Contact: Dariusz Szcześniak
Email: [email protected];
Contact: Janusz Strankowski
Email: [email protected]

Criminal Law (incl. White-Collar Crime):
1 partner; 3 fee earners based in Warsaw
■DMS has specifically broad experience in the scope of criminal cases involving commercial crime
■DMS advises management boards of companies and other organisational units on issues related to the liability of collective entities for acts punishable under law
Contact: prof. dr hab. Jarosław Majewski
Email: [email protected]

Financial Transactions:
1 partner; 5 fee earners based in Warsaw
■With extensive experience in finance, the matters DMS deals with are complex and multi-faceted
■DMS has experience in drafting complicated transaction structures that are tailored to the individual needs of very demanding clients
■DMS is not afraid to tackle untypical matters, offering non-standard solutions allowing clients to achieve their goals
Contact: C. David DeBenedetti
Email: [email protected]

M&A Transactions:
1 partner; 4 fee earners based in Warsaw
■DMS has extensive knowledge and experience in providing advisory services concerning complex M&A assistance in challenging transactions
■DMS advises on: public takeover bids and acquisitions (including LBOs, MBOs and reverse buyouts), corporate takeovers, the sale, acquisition and transfer of shares, sales of assets and organised parts of an enterprise, as well as corporate mergers and demergers
■DMS conducts comprehensive legal audits (including due diligence) of the current legal standing of companies and other entities, in order to identify the risks connected with a given transaction
Contact: Bartosz Bagieński
Email: [email protected]

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Provided by DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k.

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