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USA: Regional Spotlight 2023
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USA: Regional Spotlight


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Spotlight Texas

Firm Details

ByrdAdatto is a national business and health care law firm. ByrdAdatto helps clients navigate the complicated legal issues that come with owning a successful business. The firm’s attorneys have become a national voice, routinely lecturing throughout the country at medical, dental, and legal conferences. Inspired by the reach of training and education provided at conferences, the firm launched the Legal 123s With ByrdAdatto podcast to help simplify complicated issues many business and health care business owners face. ByrdAdatto eliminates inefficiencies often associated with law firms and instead offers creative solutions while striving to make the law accessible and easy to understand.

Foundering Partners: Michael S. Byrd, CEO and Bradford E. Adatto, President

Number of Partners: 5

Number of Other Attorneys:9

Firm Overview:

The story of ByrdAdatto began long before founding partners Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto became attorneys. As sons of doctors who owned private medical practices, Michael and Brad grew up around the influences of both medicine and business. These influences led Michael to become a business and health care attorney in Dallas, and Brad to do the same in New Orleans. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced Brad and his family. With change comes opportunity, and in 2006, Brad and his family moved to Dallas and he began working with Michael. They soon discovered that they worked well together. Their personalities, skills, work ethic, and interests clicked. They shared a common view of how business law should work: It should be transparent, creative, and focused on the client’s best interests. And, in a world where lawyers often seemed to make simple matters overly complex, they felt that it was their job to create simplicity.

Practice Areas:

• Aesthetics

• Board Investigations

• Business Disputes

• Business Planning and Formation

• Employment Agreements/Contracts

• Health Care

• Mergers, Acquisitions, and Practice Transitions

• Outside General Counsel

• Private Securities

• Regulatory Compliance

• Trademarks


Chicago, IL

224 N. Desplaines, Suite 300S

Chicago, Illinois 60661

Tel: 773.831.4700

Email: [email protected]

Dallas, TX

8150 N. Central Expressway,Suite 930

Dallas, Texas 75206

Tel: 214.291.3200

Email: [email protected]

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