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Dispute Resolution:
Alfredo Bullard, Huáscar Ezcurra
Competition & Regulation:
Alejandro Falla, Eduardo Quintana
Corporate, Restructuring & Insolvency: Huáscar Ezcurra
Consulting & Economic Analysis of Law: Alejandro Falla, Gabriela López, Eduardo Quintana
Civil Law & Contracts: Alfredo Bullard, Huáscar Ezcurra

Firm Overview:
law firm that breaks paradigms on how to practice law, developing its own legal and economic consulting model since its founding in 2000. The team is formed of specialized lawyers and economists, whose vast knowledge and understanding in the areas of competition, regulation and dispute resolution (arbitration) has allowed the firm to advise and represent the highest profile companies both in administrative proceedings and arbitration cases over the last 20 years, both in Peru as in the region. BFE+ is also known for combining the professional practice with academic activity. With a horizontal and informal environment where 'having a good time' and 'working effectively' are synonyms, the national and international recognition of many team members has confirmed the positive effects of having a motivated and interdisciplinary team.

Main Areas of Practice:

Competition/Antitrust, Public Law & TMT:
The firm combines legal and economic theory to provide specialized advice in the application of antitrust rules in regulated markets. It is also a pioneer and has extensive experience in the application of mechanisms such as leniency and commitments to cease activities in antitrust matters. This team is formed by economists and lawyers expert in both legal and economic theory. Partners are former members of various decision-making and supervisory bodies for antitrust and economic regulation in Peru, and regularly act as counsel in proceedings brought before those organizations, mainly in telecommunications, energy and public transportation infrastructure. Thus the firm has gained know-how in topics such as tariff, interconnection, access conditions regulation, and in controversies between regulated companies. The firm also has extensive experience in areas such as antitrust, unfair competition, removing bureaucratic barriers, and consumer protection. Members of this team have actively participated in drawing up the legislation related to these topics.

Dispute Resolution – International Commercial & Investment Arbitration:
The firm is very active in international commercial and investment arbitration. The team is leader in the Peruvian market, but its practice and experience is not only focused in Perú. The firms’ experience includes controversies applying laws of 12 different countries and involving parties from 26 different countries. The firm has extensive experience advising clients at both local and international spheres in designing effective and comprehensive legal strategies. Members of this team take a cross-functional approach including economic analysis and focusing on the cost-benefit ratio of the various aspects each case involves. They have been counsel in various international commercial and investment arbitration proceedings in matters related to oil and gas contracts; energy, generation and distribution; telecommunications; general risk insurance; construction of big infrastructures such as highways, airports, hydrocarbon facilities, hydroelectric plants, among others; as well as expropriations of different kinds of projects. The team regularly represents clients in controversies linked to international contracts signed based on FIDIC model construction contracts and before the most important institutions such as ICC, ICSID, CIAC, CCL, AMCHAM, PUCP, and under other international arbitration rules such as UNCITRAL and others. Members of this team also act as legal experts and/or arbitrators in domestic as well as international commercial and investment arbitrations in different types of controversies related to commercial disputes, breach of shareholders’ agreements, or issues linked to construction contracts and contracts for supply of goods. Further, the firm provides specialized advice in corporate affairs in different kinds of arbitrations involving companies in insolvency or liquidation. They act as facilitators in negotiations between debtors and creditors, not only designing plans for corporate restructuring or liquidation agreements but also assembling strategies for further arbitrations. Finally, members of this team have extensive experience in cases related to contracts, property, torts and privatization.

Economic Consulting:
The firm is distinguished for having a team with economists who solve complex problems with a quantitative and qualitative economic analysis. This, complemented with a legal approach, guarantees innovative solutions to their clients. Therefore, the economic consulting area has experience in market analysis for merger control procedures, estimation of fines and damages derived from anticompetitive conducts and the economic approach of regulatory tariff procedures, among others. In relation to judicial, arbitral and administrative proceedings, this area contributes with an economic approach to contract’s interpretation, damages calculation and the overall legal and economic strategy of each case. In relation to regulation procedures, the economic team of BFE+ has also provided advice for the application of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to assess the impact of regulations in the market.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Clients: The firm's expertise include domestic and international arbitration proceedings related to commercial law, construction of highways, pipelines and others, energy and telecommunications industries, hydrocarbons, insurance, etc. In competition and regulatory, the firm has experience on matters related to industries such as telecommunications, transportation, hydrocarbons, agroexport products, financial and port services, retail, food sector, cement, beer, among others.


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