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Managing Partner: Mariano Soni
Number of partners worldwide: 4
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 9
Number of engineers: 6
Number of Of Counsel lawyers: 2  

Firm Overview:
Since its foundation in 1963, Bufete Soni has earned an international reputation and the confidence of clients for its expertise in intellectual property law. The firm has a well-established and successful litigation practice and has represented clients in numerous cases before the Mexican courts. Bufete Soni’s highly specialised practice represents the interests of enterprises large and small. The firm is pleased to provide a high standard of personal service to its domestic and international clientele. Through close working relationships with trusted international associates, Bufete Soni obtains worldwide filing, prosecution, and enforcement of intellectual property matters on behalf of its clients. Bufete Soni actively participated in drafting the intellectual property chapters of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and free trade agreements with Central and South American countries. The firm also played a significant role in the 1994 and 1997 revisions to the Mexican law of Industrial Property, its regulations and related legislation.

Main Areas of Practice:

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets:
Licensing, E-Commerce, Internet, Advertising & Unfair Practices: 30%
General Intellectual Property: 30%
Corporate & Commercial: 10%


Because the firm comprises both attorneys and engineers, Bufete Soni combines a thorough knowledge of industrial property law with a keen understanding of scientific and technological invention. With this dual capability, the firm ensures that clients’ inventions are protected in the broadest terms in the fiercely competitive global patent environment.

The firm’s professionals provide strategic guidance in intellectual property development, protection, and enhancement to help its clients capitalise on their portfolios. Extensive experience in industrial, scientific, and technological innovation enables the firm to develop and protect the full range of its clients’ inventions. The firm’s in-house experts are adept in pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical, metallurgical, biological, biochemical, nano-technological and other technical industries.

Brands are intangible assets that are often worth more than a company’s tangible assets. To protect a company’s valuable brands, Bufete Soni provides its clients with advice on effective strategies for best protecting their brands.

The firm also assists its clients in establishing the best strategy for registering their trademarks and commercial advertisements (slogans) and for publishing trade names. The firm utilises the latest, most sophisticated technology for monitoring, licensing, and protecting its clients’ trademarks against unauthorised use by third parties, and from misleading and unfair practices.

Just as importantly, Bufete Soni is confident to offer its clients the assurance that their projects will not infringe upon the rights of other individuals or corporations.

To protect their works, the firm helps clients secure copyright registration. The firm also provides consultation in the development and registration of intellectual property rights; the firm has the expertise to devise strategies that meet its clients’ needs and priorities to best safeguard their intellectual property.

Internet & Licensing:
As worldwide internet access increases, invasion of privacy and unfair competition claims have become more frequent. In the rapidly changing field of mass communication and technology law, internet rights have emerged as an important aspect of business development. Bufete Soni has significant experience in this area.
Licensing frequently demands drafting and negotiation of joint development agreements, patent and trademark purchases and sales, and mass licenses. The firm has broad and deep experience negotiating or structuring agreements that ensure security for its clients, be they licensors or licensees.

Corporate & Commercial Law:
Bufete Soni’s practice has been structured to meet the corporate needs of small, medium, and large companies. The firm’s professional staff can assist with financial management, incorporation, trusts contracts, strategic alliance planning, mergers and acquisitions, immigration and foreign investment, and economic competition. The firm also offers advice on day-to-day operations.

International Work:
Through its close relationship with noted law firms around the globe, Bufete Soni offers its clients ease of filing, prosecution, and defence of the highest international standard.
Bufete Soni understands the responsibility that is implied from working with firms from other counties. The firm maintains close personal contact with its correspondents during global events that have an impact on its clients’ interests.

English, Spanish.

The firm is responsible for thousands of matters, both nationally and internationally, and coordinates hundreds of portfolios that provide its customers with significant competitive advantages. The firm’s clients benefit from the substantial economic and technological advantages offered by good management and an adequate understanding of the intellectual property systems in Mexico and abroad, and its corporate and commercial law practice.