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Bowman and Brooke LLP

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Managing Partner: Paul G. Cereghini (Firm Chair)
Number of partners: 100
Number of lawyers: 187
Languages:English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:

Bowman and Brooke LLP is a nationally recognized trial firm with one of the largest product liability practices in the United States. The firm’s attorneys defend a variety of corporate clients, including many Global 500 companies, in widely publicized catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters and have tried cases in more than 350 courthouses in 48 states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and several Canadian provinces. The firm regularly tries precedent-setting bellwether cases.

Main Areas of Practice:

Product Liability Litigation:

Bowman and Brooke has defended thousands of complex wrongful death, catastrophic personal injury and other product liability claims brought against motor vehicle, drug and medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction, heavy equipment and recreational equipment manufacturers. Bowman and Brooke lawyers serve as national and regional coordinating counsel defending clients in one-time matters, pattern litigation and coordinated proceedings, including crisis management situations. The firm’s lawyers are not ‘litigators’ who work up cases for months and years in the fervent hope of never having to spend a minute in front of a jury. Bowman and Brooke lawyers love the courtroom, relish trying cases and they are at home in front of a jury. The firm’s lawyers also understand that scorched earth litigation or trial is often not the best way to resolve conflicts. In defending those cases that should not be tried, their reputation for trying cases is an advantage. Their opponents know that settlement is not a foregone conclusion with Bowman and Brooke — thus they can expeditiously identify, evaluate and resolve the cases that should settle.

Class Action & Multidistrict Litigation:
Bowman and Brooke is a national leader in handling mass tort actions - including class actions, as well as actions consolidated by the US Federal Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation and state judicial authorities. The firm’s class action and multidistrict litigation team has extensive experience applying innovative defensive practices, including:
■Aggressive removal under Class Action Fairness Act and other available means
■Seeking and opposing consolidation of mass and class actions
■Strategic use of preliminary motions, defending against class certification pursuing electronic discovery
■Disposing of unreliable and unscientific testimony of plaintiffs’ experts with Daubert and Frye challenges

Toxic Torts & Environmental Litigation:
Bowman and Brooke is a toxic tort defense powerhouse, defending global manufacturers in exposure and contamination claims nationwide. The firm handles cases involving allegations of cancer, birth defects, and major organ diseases (e.g. diseases of the lungs, liver, kidneys and central nervous system), as well as other chronic and acute injuries allegedly resulting from inhalation, dermal, ocular and ingestion exposures. Working with world-renowned experts, it has defended a wide variety of claims, including cases related to asbestos (friction and non-friction), chemicals, chlorine, pesticides/herbicides, adhesives, solvents, benzene, MTBE and others such as UXO, heavy metals, BTEX and Legionella exposure.

General Liability Litigation:
The firm’s general liability litigation practice group has extensive experience defending personal injury, property damage, premises liability and economic loss claims. The firm’s personal injury experience includes non-product personal injury, industrial and workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, unsafe premises and medical malpractice. Bowman and Brooke lawyers represent a variety of commercial clients in claims ranging from fire and water damage to loss of use of property and loss of value of property.

Discovery Coordination, Including eDiscovery:
Bowman and Brooke’s trial lawyers are highly-skilled at advising clients and managing the full range of discovery issues, including the dynamic field of eDiscovery. They have represented hundreds of clients, navigating the legal, technical, financial and business challenges posed by discovery at trial and on appeal.