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Managing Partners: Carla Bordoli, Cristián Doren
Number of partners: 2
Number of other lawyers: 4

Carla Bordoli
Technology, Media & Telecommunication: Cristián Doren
Energy: Cristián Doren
Retail: María Ester Fuentes
Transportation: Carla Bordoli
Dispute Resolution: Carla Bordoli

Firm Overview:
Bordoli Doren Abogados was established in 2014 as a specialised boutique law firm whose main areas of practice are competition law and regulated markets. The vast experience of its partners merges to address and solve its clients’ problems from a wide perspective, harmonising their objectives with the risks that each of their decisions may cause to their business. Teamwork and creativeness in finding appropriate solutions for the clients is also a trademark of the law firm, which is highly esteemed by its clients. The firm has a highly qualified lawyers, who graduated from the most prestigious law school of the country.

Main Areas of Practice:


The firm’s competition practice represents a wide variety of public and private sector clients, in all aspects of competition. Private counselling has included the carrying out of Compliance Programs for important retail actors and the detail study of merger proceedings, among many other topics. It has also included the legal representation of private clients before the Fiscalía Nacional Económica. In the case of public clients, the team defended the health insurance sector regulator, the Superintendencia de Salud, against a private mailing company’s antitrust claim regarding the notification of modifications to health insurance contracts. Likewise, the firm has provided counsel in the drafting of future legislation in order for it to comply with competition regulation.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications:
The firm’s telecommunications practice has assisted private and public institutions on regulatory matters. Among others, it assisted the sectorial regulator, Subtel, on competition and regulatory matters related to the National Plan of Telecommunications Infrastructure. It has also counselled private clients on regulatory controversies with telecommunication companies.

The firm’s energy practice represents clients that participate in the private and public sector. The firm has provided legal counsel the most important electricity generators in the country on regulatory matters, and has represented private and public institutions before the Electricity Market Experts Panel (a dispute resolution organism for technical controversies in the electricity market).
In the public area, the firm has provided continuous assessment to the sectorial regulator, Comisión Nacional de Energía, in several legal proceeding where this public agency has participated as interested third party in arbitration lawsuits held by electricity generators and distributors. It has also provided this public agency with legal assistance in the drafting of legislation.

The firm’s retail practice involves assessment to some of the most important retailers in the country, who have a worldwide presence in the market. A significant part of this legal counselling involves the consumer protection area, in which the law firm handles the law suits filed by consumers or the public consumer agency that the companies have to respond or the development of Compliance Programs in consumer protection.

The firm’s transportation practice has assessed public entities, such as the Ministerio de Transporte y Telecomunicaciones (MTT) and a very important Municipality of the Metropolitan Region. In the case of the MTT, the firm counselled in regards to the regulation of port concessions in the country and abroad and some competition matters related to this regulation.

Dispute Resolution:
The firm’s dispute resolution practice has assessed a variety of clients in several law suits, as plaintiff or as defendants. The firm works hand in hand with its clients elaborating the best strategies to accomplish the latter’s interests. The firm has provided legal assistance in extremely complex cases, in which the counterpart has been the State. The firm also has a specialised practice area regarding lawsuits in consumer protection cases, for a particular retail client.

Luxottica Chile SpA, Ópticas GMO Chile S.A., Walmart Chile, Grupo Fischer, Superintendencia de Salud, Colbún, Retail Financiero A.G., Grupo Tehmcorp, Chileactores, Armasur, Samsung Chile.

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