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Bench Walk Advisors

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Number of employees: 9
Languages: English, French, German, Turkish

Overview & History:
Since its global launch in late 2017, Bench Walk has deployed over $250 million across more than 100 commercial cases. Bench Walk is led by Stuart Grant, a 30-year veteran litigator with over $30 billion in settlements and judgments to his credit, and Adrian Chopin, an experienced investment banker and commercial lawyer with outstanding financial and structuring expertise. Together they have built a track record of delivering innovative legal and financial solutions.

Bench Walk’s innovative analysis combines the perspectives of litigator and deal maker to come up with creative solutions to legal finance. Bench Walk operates on a streamlined basis where clients interact with a single point of contact who reports directly to a decision maker so that funding decisions are made promptly.

Bench Walk not only offers the full range of traditional products including single case funding, portfolio funding and law firm portfolios but also prides itself on its track record of designing and executing innovative deal structures that meet clients’ needs. Bench Walk has delivered a number of market-leading transactions including funding some of the world’s largest class actions; providing non-recourse financing to start up legal businesses and developing a broad range of portfolio and other solutions in multiple jurisdictions. Bench Walk doesn’t just provide capital but also insight.

Single Case Investment
Law Firm Portfolio Investment
Law Firm Financing

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive and Bench Walk is happy to assess a diverse range of opportunities.