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Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C.

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Managing Partners: Fernando Becerril, Enrique Caamaño
Number of partners worldwide: 8
Number of other lawyers: 55

Firm Overview:
As it approaches its 50th anniversary, BC&B continues to transform and evolve by creating integral legal solutions for its clients. This includes from the initial idea to the start up phase and the operation of their projects. Powering their ideas while preventing and reducing risks. BC&B has taken the step to change from a boutique firm specialised in intellectual property to a firm that offers a wide range of solutions guaranteeing integral counselling in protection, in legal matters and innovation momentum. BC&B has a wide range of skills including a wide, diverse and experienced litigation group. This covers civil, commercial and family law, commercial arbitration and a wide variety of legal services to provide every legal solution in these matters. BC&B also includes Nivel 72®, an expert group that provides and creates business solutions focused on strategic and commercial transformation and systematic innovation of retail businesses. Through all these services, BC&B continues evolving and will continue to offer services that guarantee client satisfaction in an era of constant change and transformation.

Main Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property Solutions:

Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models and Plant Varieties:

The firm has a high level expertise in extracting the most from its client's inventions; from the best protection strategy, through to the certainty that prosecution in Mexico and abroad will be handled to the highest quality standards. The firm provides technical-legal assistance at the best possible cost, with the best service for maintenance and enforcement in the benefit of its clients interests. Trademarks: BC&B assists clients by providing legal advice on obtaining, protecting and maintaining their trademarks, slogans, trade names and domain names in Mexico and abroad. BC&B provides clarity and certainty on the availability to obtain the trademarks of interest. An understanding of clients’ business strategy allows BC&B to provide the ideal protection for trademark portfolios and to maintain them duly updated all the time. The firm manages trademark portfolios in various sectors all over Latin America.

Corporate Affairs:
BC&B assists its clients from the start of their business up to its maintenance and evolution, defining the ideal corporate structures, the incorporation of the required companies for the correct operation of their businesses, shareholder agreements, bylaws and any other needed corporate action to guarantee their adequate operation. BC&B assists clients in operations that involve M&A including the draft, review, management and negotiation of all agreements that are required for their commercial or individual activities. The firm also handles all corporate restructures necessary for updating corporate groups. BC&B provides clients with advice for developing and implementing their franchise projects, guaranteeing them expert assistance in the negotiation, development, documentation and implementation of this important process in order to achieve the adequate and successful operation of the franchise.

BC&B is aware of the importance of authors’ rights and of the correct treatment of their works. Clients are offered integral consultancy and advice that guarantee their protection and defence. It advises clients on how to gather evidence, protect, exploit and in any event, defend their author’s rights. Anti-Piracy & Unfair Competition Actions. In a commercial reality in which piracy seriously affects the productivity and performance of any business, the planning, strategy and effective combat against it can be the difference. BC&B helps clients to design an accurate strategy to combat piracy according to their business needs

Intellectual Property Strategy:
Intellectual property is more than a legal tool, it is a business tool when maximum potential is seized. BC&B supports clients by designing strategies for building IP portfolios for keeping their competitive advantages within a global vision. It establishes the value of assets including trademarks, contracts and authorisations. BC&B customises reports according to the needs of its clients in order to bring certainty to their business plans, transactions and corporate and taxation strategies.

Technology Transfer Office:
The technology transfer practice is recognised by government program PROSOFT 4.0. It has the experience, personnel and tools required for supporting all the technology transfer processes of clients, either for licensing in or out, from the craft of negotiation strategies and royalty rates determination to the formalisation and management of the corresponding contracts. BC&B's years of experience have been crafted into specific tools which the firm utilises to maximise the value of the clients knowledge and business. The firm's CleverValue® methodology includes tools for the hierarchisation of innovative projects, determining the best territorial coverage for intellectual property in a given project. It focuses on providing highly competitive intelligence efforts, building a knowledge inventory in organisations or identifying risks.

BC&B has one of the most renowned litigation team which specialises in intellectual property. It addresses any controversy that may jeopardize a client interests, by planning the ideal strategy for its defence and the selection of the legal and technical team to assure the maximum competence and result in IP litigation matters. With a group of recognised litigators, BC&B represents its clients in civil and commercial litigation against any unlawful act and before any local or federal court. Always seeking the greatest effectiveness and benefit for the same; avoiding as far as possible, long and expensive judicial instances. BC&B assists clients with personal disputes, such as divorces, inheritance, custody, alimony, etc.. Always seeking the highest benefit for them, and always achieving the best results. BC&B has assembled a group of experts that assist clients with controversies that arise from the daily practice before administrative authorities. It advises and represents clients in all instances against the administrative authorities. The group has specialists in arbitration issues with extensive experience representing transnational clients under different arbitration institutions in which the firm has obtained on their behalf. The firm has achieved extraordinary results in cases, procuring significant amounts of arbitration awards for the clients benefit.

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