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Barrios & Fuentes Abogados

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Managing Partners: Raul Barrios FC, Germán Barrios FC
Senior Partners: Luis Fuentes, Raul Barrios FC, Germán Barrios FC
Number of partners: 14
Number of other lawyers: 22

Contracts with Government & Administrative:
Raul Barrios FC
Civil Law: Fernando Ramos
Corporate, M&A: Doris Alvaro, Juan Jose Hopkins
Immigration: Claudia Tejada Labour: Claudia Tejada
Dispute Resolution: Roger Salas
Natural Resources: Germán Barrios FC, Oscar Sanchez, Renzo Roberti
Tax: Katarzyna Dunin-Borkowski, David Zamora
Arbitration: Raul Barrios FC, Luis Puglianini
Banking, Finance & Insurance: Doris Alvaro
Compliance: Juan Jose Hopkins
Foreign Investment:
Carlos Schaaf

Firm Overview:
BARRIOS & FUENTES, Abogados (BAFUR) was founded in 1968, and proudly provide its clients legal counselling in every aspect of legal affairs. As a policy, BAFUR clients not only receive legal advice in their consultation matters. They also get the support from an experienced team which consolidate a 360° vision based in its best interest according to each economic activity. BAFUR is involved in a great number of national and international deals, mainly in corporate work, M&A, banking, energy, project finance, taxation and contracts with Government, civil litigation and dispute resolution. The firm has provided legal counsel free of charge to charity and social assistance institutions, regionally and nationally. At the same time, the firm provides juridicial assistance to chambers of commerce and industry associations.

Main Areas of Practice:
Labour & Immigration:
Litigation & Arbitration: 25%
Natural Resources: Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy & Environmental: 15%
Corporate/M&A/Project Finance: 15%
Contracts with the Government & Administrative Law: 15%
Tax: 10%
Civil & Real Estate: 10%

Legal counselling services provided by BAFUR go from the stage of incorporation of the companies to liquidations. It also includes legal assistance in general regulation matters for client’s best interest and protection of their investment. In addition, corporate legal advice services include performance of legal due diligences, negotiation of agreements, acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, transformations, among others.

The division plays an important role to many of the firm’s corporate clients given transactional focus. The tax team is often assisting other divisions’ work.

Natural Resources:
BAFUR is vastly experienced in this field and has actively participated in privatisations of electricity and hydrocarbon sectors, providing legal counsel to several clients regarding regulatory framework of such activities in order to obtain gas, electricity and hydrocarbon projects. In connection with oil activity, BAFUR provides counselling in negotiation and execution of license agreements for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons, as well as the development of operations of exploitation of natural gas.

Contracts With Government & Administrative Law:
BAFUR staff is specialised in any procedure before public administration. BAFUR is known as one of the law firms with most expertise and success in bids and private and public biddings. Such recognition allows BAFUR to maintain excellent relations with all the entities of the public administration.

Labour Law & Immigration:
BAFUR offers counselling in any matter related to labour law, as to individual or collective relations, and also assist in the scope of labour procedures and in the field of pension law. BAFUR also advises in any aspects related to immigration law from the stage of hiring foreign personnel in local companies through the whole labour contract.

The firm leads in litigation and arbitration participating in national and international arbitrations. This area has a large experience assisting a wide range of disputes and advising companies against public institutions and government.

Environmental & Real Estate:
BAFUR offers full service consulting to obtain environmental permits, licenses and approvals necessary for the performance of large infrastructure projects throughout Peru; buy, sell, lease, etc.

Social Responsibility:
BAFUR amplifies its scope of attention in the field of social responsibility on three well defined fronts: (i) Support to institutions involved in welfare, (ii) Support to needy individuals and (iii) Support to variety of other institutions.

Banking, Finance & Insurance:
Legal advise on banking and finance law in obtaining regulatory licenses and counselling the development of banking products such as loans, factoring, and trust.

BAFUR offers counselling in diverse compliance matters: (i) identification of risks though the development of risk matrices for companies; (ii) development and implementation of relevant policies and procedures (code of ethics, human resources, whistleblower hotlines, etc.); (iii) training for directors management and personnel and (iv) review of compliance programs implementation applicable to a variety of industries.

International Work:
In June 2017, BAFUR opened offices in Spain. BAFUR is a member of Multilaw, an over 70 law firms worldwide alliance. Also, BAFUR with LEGALMAR Spain offers a unified, complete and comprehensive service for all recovery services and maritime law.

Spanish, English, German, Polish, Italian.