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Managing Partners: Johannes Heselberger, Johannes Lang
Number of partners: 28
Number of lawyers: 81
Languages: Catalan, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Luxembourgish, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil (Telugu, Gujarati), Thai

Firm Overview:
BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has pooled the strengths of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law for more than 40 years, clearly setting itself apart from its competitors. The diverse client base appreciates the intense cooperation between attorneys-at-law – handling infringement cases before German civil courts through all instances on the one hand, and patent attorneys representing the client in proceedings before the Patent Offices and the Federal Patent Court on the other hand. We are also in a position to offer the invaluable input of our senior consultants who in their previous careers were leading German IP judges or members of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO). BARDEHLE PAGENBERG provides its clients with services in all fields of Intellectual Property – from the first idea through to the launch, exploitation, enforcement and strategic management. To ensure processes of the highest standard, BAREDEHLE PAGENBERG operates according to a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 and regularly submits itself to audits for recertification purposes. The full-service IP firm is regularly chosen by global companies which value its international availability and diverse team. Additionally, various German blue-chip companies and small and medium sized businesses, market leaders in niche technologies, entrust BARDEHLE PAGENBERG with their IP business.

International presence and alliances
BARDEHLE PAGENBERG stands out as a law firm with strong cross-national ties between its offices in Munich, Duesseldorf, Paris, and Barcelona. Furthermore, its reliable global network, includes long-standing relationships with numerous high-end IP law firms in the US and the fast-growing Asian markets. Thus, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has a global reach with excellent capabilities in cross-border IP disputes. In 2015, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG demonstrated its role as a pioneer once more, forming a partnership with the Singaporean law firm YUSARN AUDREY in the fields of IP law and technology transfer. Between them, the two boutiques provide clients with skillful support in the fields of technology licensing, B2B cooperation, joint venture and merger and acquisition projects.

Team experience and size
BARDEHLE PAGENBERG employs people from more than 15 different countries on three continents. With more than 40 years of experience in the IP world, a considerable international clientele and over 170 specialists, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG is able to simultaneously conduct numerous major infringement, opposition, and nullity proceedings. BARDEHLE PAGENBERG boasts an impressive pool of highly skilled attorneys, many of which play an active role in international professional associations and committees, or serve in government expert groups, advisory boards and boards of bar associations, regularly publish books and expert articles on a broad range of topical IP issues.

Main Areas of Practice:

Patent Litigation:
A strong focus of the firm is on patent litigation. Presently, our German patent litigation team (more than 40 litigators and patent attorneys) is handling more than 250 German patent infringement actions, more than 200 German nullity actions, and more than 200 EPO oppositions in parallel. Over the last few years, its telecommunication, automotive and pharmaceutical business have registered the highest growth rates as BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has simultaneously handled various high-profile litigation series.

Patent Prosecution
Patent prosecution is another pillar of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG. Many long-standing client relationships with prestigious companies and a continuously increasing number of applications bear impressive witness to that. With the profound expert knowledge of its patent attorneys who are specialized in various fields such as high tech, the automotive industry, life sciences, medical devices, engineering, and physics BARDEHLE PAGENBERG provides clients with competent advice on further and new technological developments.

While offering the full range of trademark-related services to its clients, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG clearly focuses on strategic advice, especially regarding multinational portfolios and the cross-border enforcement of its clients’ brands. Both start-ups and the long-standing client base of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG entrust in the firm with complex and high-profile litigation matters frequently leading to ground-breaking decisions for clients in sectors such as restaurant chains, consumer health care, fashion and cosmetics as well as the sports industry.

The firm has always been at the forefront of design law from the very beginning of the establishment of the European design law regime. BARDEHLE PAGENBERG represents clients that are famous for their uniquely designed products, some of which have become all-time classics in a very short time. The experience BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has in design protection is not limited to fields that typically have an affinity for design such as clothing and furniture, but also in health-relevant sectors like pharmaceutical appliances.

Unfair Competition Law
For many years, the firm’s attorneys have been representing clients in unfair competition cases such as misleading advertisements, imitations of product getups and any other sort of unfair misconduct. A team of experienced experts supports clients from sectors such as restaurant chains, consumer health care, fashion and cosmetics, and the sports industry in proceedings before the courts of all instances throughout Germany, including the German Federal Court of Justice.

Antitrust Law
The BARDEHLE PAGENBERG team includes several leading experts in the field of IP related antitrust law who bring vast experience in settlement and licensing negotiations to the table and, thus, are able to provide clients with specific added value such as blacklists, risk assessment, or assistance in wording contracts. The law firm advises clients on a broad range of antitrust-related topics, including R & D agreements, FRAND and SEPs.

Licensing & Technology
Transfer Contracts and agreements focussing on the exploitation of IP rights, such as licensing, distribution, sponsorship, franchising, co-marketing, R & D, and technology transfer agreements are among the strong points of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG.

Key Clients:
Adidas, Apple, BMW, Cisco, Dell, 3D Systems, Intellectual Ventures, Nintendo, Qualcomm, Key Clients: Campari, GlaxoSmithKline, H&M, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Mondelēz, The Coca-Cola Company.

Articles, Highlights and Press Releases

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