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Chairman: Professor Apostolos Georgiades
Managing Partners: Dr. Stavros Georgiades, Prof. George Georgiades
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 8
Languages:English, German, Greek

Firm Overview:
Apostolos Georgiades & Associates is an integrated, Greek law firm of highly-experienced attorneys committed to offer best quality services. AGA is distinguished by the academic focus of its Partners, exceptional expertise in Civil and Commercial Law as well as dynamism in the courtroom. The firm’s prestigious portfolio of long-term clients reflects its shared commitment to a set of core values. The firm’s team of highly-qualified attorneys is 100% committed to client engagement centering on a clear understanding of clients’ needs which results in the insightful solutions that save time and expenditure. In the Greek business environment, AGA is noted for comprehensive client support offering companies legal expertise on a regular basis to meet challenges quickly and efficiently. Dedicated to providing its clients with an excellent standard of legal services, the firm’s attorneys are always available for consultation throughout the duration of a case.

Main Areas of Practice:
Commercial & Civil Litigation
Banking & Finance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Venture Capital Investments
Public Tenders & Public Contracts
Joint Ventures
Property & Real Estate
Foreign Investments Consulting
International Arbitration
International Transactions
Agency & Distributorships
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Information Technology Law
European Union Law
European Convention of Human Rights

Dispute Resolution:
3 partners, 5 fee earners
Civil litigation in Greece is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Despite the recent reforms of the Code of Civil Procedure, which aim to reduce the time for a case to be heard, there is still a waiting period. Under the Greek Justice System, cases are initially brought before the Court of First Instance, where, ultimately, a ruling is rendered. If the decision is not to a party’s satisfaction, there is a right of appeal in the higher court, i.e., the Court of Appeal, where most cases are finally resolved, and, of course, the Supreme Court, where fewer petitions are submitted and very few of those accepted. In cases of controversy, almost every aspect of private and commercial relationships could require a court hearing. Whether a matrimonial dispute, inheritance law issue, commercial or private transaction, or partnership disagreement, AGA has an enviable track record in the courtroom. AGA is distinguished for its leading expertise in dispute resolution. The firm’s litigators are highly experienced in successfully handling complicated cases. All cases are handled with the utmost discretion, from pleadings, pre-trial, trial, appeals and, if necessary, reaching the Supreme Court where Name Partner Apostolos Georgiades and AGA litigation team are well-noted. Some of the weightiest cases ever presented before the Courts have been handled by AGA trial lawyers. In addition, since most cases require a respectful time-period to be resolved before the courts, in some cases, injunction measures are a way to accelerate the procedure. AGA’s litigators are effective in meeting its clients’ needs in urgent situations (i.e., by acquiring an interim court order, securing an asset, as well as property seizure).
Contact: Dr Stavros Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected] 

3 partners, 5 fee earners
Arbitration is one of several methods referred to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The concept of ADR is to provide interested parties with an alternative to filing a lawsuit and going to court, which, especially in Greece, is the most established method for resolving a dispute. With the option of arbitration, parties in a business agreement often designate this method to resolve any disputes that may arise under or in connection with their agreement. There are standard arbitration clauses (for example those recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)), however, parties can choose, not only arbitration as the method for settling disputes, but, also, the exact process to follow. AGA is praised for its international arbitration practice — usually under ICC or LCIA rules of arbitration — as well as for domestic arbitration, ad hoc arbitration, a field where AGA’s lawyers are highly accomplished. Members of the firm have served as umpires, arbitrators, counselors and experts in some of the most significant disputes in Greece and abroad establishing AGA as a leading firm in arbitration.
Contact: Professor George Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected]

Projects & Privatisation:
2 partners, 3 fee earners
In recent years, Greece has pursued a vigorous policy of privatising several assets owned by the Hellenic Republic. The objective of the policy is threefold; to generate funds, open up the respective markets and gradually return to global capital markets. The firm has effectively consulted both potential concessioners (resulting in the award of a concession) and the respective public authority (successfully achieving its aim). The AGA team of attorneys provides legal services for Greek and foreign bidders in international tenders for infrastructure projects, as well as the acquisition of capital share in public owned companies. AGA offers the full scope of relevant services including consultation for joint-venture schemes or the appropriate SPV for an entity to participate in a tender, as well as client support during the tender process, client assistance in preparing the offer for submission, commenting on the draft concession agreement and, if necessary, representing client before the courts. In addition, the firm is noted for significant experience in contract management and administration of infrastructure projects and is further distinguished for expert legal insights.
Contact: Dr Stavros Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected]

Commercial & Corporate:
2 partners, 3 fee earners
Commercial and corporate law are rapidly evolving to address the continuous development of company-related issues. Greece has recently taken steps to reduce the time and cost for establishing a new company yet simplification is greatly needed to minimise bureaucracy and taxation procedures. As a result, lawyers with expertise in this continuously evolving field are indispensable for entities planning to invest in Greece, whether to set up a corporation and/or a local branch or participate in the share capital of a company. AGA has outstanding experience in all aspects of corporate law, from legal due diligence, choice of corporate vehicle, company formation, corporate governance issues, as well as conception and implementation of commercial deals and licensing. The AGA team is skilled at carefully drafting all relevant agreement documents, such as supply and/or services agreements, SPA’s, non-disclosure agreements and various memoranda. The firm’s lawyers are well recognised for their experience and effectiveness in negotiations of shareholders agreements and SPA’s. Further, the team has consulted AGA clients in some of the most complex and novel agreements. AGA’s team of specialised commercial lawyers has conducted more than 50 IPO legal due diligence audits, quickly and proficiently, with the gained trust of the IPO underwriters, financial advisors, issuers and the company planning to list its shares and has acquired vast experience in all company-related issues (i.e., corporate status, commercial contracts, etc.).
Contact: Dr Nikolaos Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected]

Banking & Finance:
2 partners, 2 fee earners
The firm is extremely strong in the full scope of banking, finance and securities law, as well as restructuring. It regularly advises underwriters, financial advisors and issuers with respect to initial share offerings, capital increase, private equity transactions and public offers for takeovers. Recently, the firm has advised and represented major clients in debt restructuring, mainly, by issuance of syndicated bond loan facilities. The firm also advises, on a regular basis, domestic and foreign financial institutions on major issues of banking transactions. In recent years, the firm’s banking and finance team has faced a vast and diverse number of novel issues in the area of financing real estate projects.
Contact: Dr Stavros Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate:
2 partners, 2 fee earners
Real estate and construction are segments of the Greek economy which have been most affected by the continuing economic recession. Presently, conditions are changing mainly due to the plunge in real estate prices (in some regions prices have plummeted more than 50%), which makes the purchase of real estate in Greece quite a bargain. This fact, combined with legislation entitling non-EU individuals to the so-called ‘golden visa’, with purchase of property above a certain amount, have stimulated activity both in the real estate business and, ultimately, construction. AGA has profound expertise in the real estate and construction markets representing a wide range of developers, local and international investors and high net worth individuals. The firm’s practice includes the full range of legal services relating to real estate and construction, including due diligence, tax related concerns and drafting of relevant contracts. Further, AGA renders legal opinions to clients, based, mainly, abroad on all major real estate related issues.
Contact: Dr Nikolaos Georgiades
Tel: +30 210 6930 960
Email: [email protected]

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