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Amat & Vidal-Quadras

Current View:

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Partners: Xavier Amat, Javier Vidal-Quadras, Isabel Alcalde, Yolanda Casadevall, Gonzalo Serraclara y Núria Garcia Puigpelat
Number of lawyers: 27
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1992, AVQ is a law firm that works mainly in the fields of M&A and corporate transactions, life sciences, litigation and dispute resolutions/arbitration and restructuring and tax advice. The firm provides high quality expert legal advice, delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions while defending its client’s interests. The firm’s difference is the seniority of its professionalism, the availability and close relation of all individuals to the clients, enabling the firm to provide the highest level of advice to its clients.

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate & Commercial:
AVQ provides global, comprehensive legal advisory services, helping our clients at any stage and growing with them in their expansion. The firm has longstanding expe-rience in mid-market transactions in a broad range of sectors (heavy equipment, renewable energy, waste management, gaming, consumer products, Fintech, healthcare, electronic devices, food and beverages, etc.), advising both public and private companies on shares and assets deals, private equity transactions, mergers and joint, counting with a broad expertise in domestic and cross-border investments. Leases and building property, real estate, insurance and transport or inheritance law are also services in which the firm is assessing its clients.
Xavier Amat, Gonzalo Serraclara and Núria Garcia Puigpelat are the main contacts of this practice.

Intellectual Property & Life Science:
AVQ has experience in providing legal advice on activities related to the development and commercial exploitation of products and services in the field of human and animal health. The advice of the firm covers all kind of contracts related to the development of medicines and other products in the field (CROs, expert consultancy, researchers, etc.), contracts for the licensing, supply, manufacture and distribution of medicines (including biotechnology products and controlled substances), medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements and licensing and technology transfer. The team renders as well legal advice related to intangible assets and industrial property rights, so as related to regulatory aspects on advertising and promotional activities and compliance with codes of conduct and legal responsibilities of the Technical Management (GMPs and GDPs). Besides, AVQ issues legal opinions in relation to applicable regulations. The firm represents its clients in legal proceedings for claims or defence derived of defective products.
Isabel Alcalde is the main contact of this practice.

Litigation & Arbitration:
AVQ represents clients concerning all kinds of claims in civil, commercial and administrative court litigation proceedings. The firm has extensive experience in this kind of legal advice and puts a team together right at the beginning to advise on any kind of legal deal, whether contractual, corporate or in the market. AVQ also has longstanding experience in insolvency and bankruptcy law. The firm can get involved in all kind of business difficulties, through insolvency-related measures or court liquidation of companies. The lawyers of the firm are also experienced in national and international arbitration.
AVQ also assists its clients in labour and employment matters.
Javier Vidal-Quadras and Gonzalo Serraclara are the main contacts of this practice.

AVQ launched its tax practice in 2012. It covers both taxation of corporations as well as high net worth individuals, direct and indirect taxation as well as Spanish and international tax matters, representing the latter one of the fields of strong expertise of the tax practice. The tax group works for industrial companies, hotel and travel industry, financial institutions and has a broad experience in cross-border matters, transfer pricing, tax efficient remuneration schemes and tax litigation. The tax group focuses on added value tax advice rather than on tax compliance. Yolanda Casadevall is the main contact of this practice.

AVQ’s clients operate in different sectors, from industry to services. Specific industry sectors in which AVQ gives legal advice and has specific knowledge are hotel and travel industry, life sciences, renewable energies, innovation, university research or industrial machinery.

International Work:
A very relevant part of AVQ’s work is international. Regarding Spanish clients, the firm gives international advice, which includes the design of the legal strategy abroad, in close relationship with local experts. Other clients are foreign companies established or with business in Spain, for which the firm provides legal advice. In cases of international litigation the firm acts either defending the interest of its clients in Spain or in the design of the international legal strategy.