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Managing Partners: Juan Antonio Mazariegos, Marisol Bonifasi, Carlos Palacios
Senior Partners: Juan Antonio Mazariegos, Marisol Bonifasi, Carlos Palacios
Number of Other Lawyers: 15
Languages: English and Spanish

In 2002, the firm is founded with the idea of diversifying the legal services rendered in Guatemala, changing from a traditional sense of legal services towards an innovative practice with complementary services such as consultancy in the financial and business areas.  
In 2005, Alegalis joins and creates LEGIC, a group comprised of similar recognised local law firms in each Central American country, allowing them to provide expertise at a local and regional level.
To support the growing relations between Asia and Latin America, they established operations in Hong Kong, being able to provide services in China and Hong Kong. Other regions like USA and Mexico are supported through strategic alliances.


The litigation practice is the strongest department in the firm and the area in which the firm started to gain its reputation. This sector provides an added value to all the other departments in the firm and receie¡ves as well outsourced litigation cases from external firms.
In criminal litigation, they focus on the defense of private action crimes and public offenses to particulars and corporations. They do not engage in the defense of political offenses or the defense of public officials.
They are recognised for the defense of intellectual property rights for international brands, with their seizure achievements against counterfeit products recognised in various forums and media. Some of the brands they represent are: Nike International, Converse and Vans.
Banking: They have been part of all bankruptcies and bank closings in the last 30 years. Some of the most recent banks they worked for: “Banco de Comercio”, “Banco Empresaria” and “Bancafé Intl”.

On the last few years they have worked on offices buildings with over 150,000m2 of saleable area; more than 100,000m2 of shopping centers and more than 150,000m2 of housing projects (Almost 100% of the projects are luxury projects, targeted for A and B sectors). They work with most of the prestigious development companies in Guatemala, such as: Calidad Inmobiliaria, RV4, Capital Buró Developments, etc.

It provides a broad range of services including: corporate structuring, business advising, commercial contracts, start-ups, corporate governance and general corporate counseling. In the mergers & acquisition sector, they recently supported the acquisition of Shell gas stations and Pacific Oil gas stations in Guatemala.
Their office in Hong Kong supports the investment, trade and business needs of their clients in Asia and viceversa, as well as the regional needs through Legic, their central american alliance.

They have their own program (Fundación Paso Dos) focused on supporting and training startups as part of their social responsibility program.
Their clients include diverse sectors such as: manufacture, electronic, trade, pharmaceutical, real estate and financial, among others. Some of the most representative are: Grupo Entero, Shell, RV4, Guateprenda, etc.

Their strong litigation department allows them to not only register brands but to defend and protect the IP rights against threats and crime. This branch of defense is not much exploited in Guatemala and it is one of the added values in the general IP processes. About 50% of their work in criminal litigation is involved in IP rights and defense.
They have recently provided training to customs agents, judges and other public officers about techniques and legal elements for the defense of IP rights and customs smuggling.

In the past 5 years, they have developed power generation projects with more than 150MW as a whole, including the largest private power producer in the country. They have assessed 19 hidroelectric projects (local and regional), participated in 3 bids to obtain PPA and obtained the 3 of them; assessed 2 solar projects, participated in the due diligence of 2 oil companies and obtained a PPA for the only active biogas power generation plant in Guatemala.
They focus on Energy projects development: Project financing and tax incentives; support the progress of studies of environmental impact; tenders structure; advise on national regulatory system for solar energy; social conciliation and negotiation; Hydroelectric Projects and Biogas.
Some of their clients: Corporación Multiinversiones ; Grupo RV4; Hidroeléctrica Samuc; Agroprop S.A.; Industrias de Biogas; etc.

Their most recent transactions include technology transferring contracts and joint ventures between international companies; support in the Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI) between the Deutsch governement and Guatemala; Mergers & Acquisition for companies involved in the commerce of oil derivatives; cross border litigation cases; Estate Planning; etc.

Nike Intl; Converse; Corporación Multiinversiones; RV4; Grupo Entero; UNO Guatemala (Shell), etc.

Juan Antonio Mazariegos G
Corporate and Intellectual Property: Kristine Bouscayrol
Litigation: Carlos Gustavo Palacios
Real Estate: Eduardo Rosenberg Paiz
Energy: Juan Antonio Mazariegos G
International: Maria Inés Garín
Startups: Kristine Bouscayrol