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Firm profile for Litigation Support 2020

Litigation Support


This content is provided by Alaco.

CEO: Amy Lashinsky
Number of employees: 37
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian

Overview & History:
Alaco is a leading business intelligence consultancy. The firm finds, gathers and analyses critical information to support clients in a range of situations, from disputes and investigations to risk and compliance. Alaco was established in 2002 by experienced industry practitioners, who remain the firm’s principals, joined by a multilingual team with backgrounds in law, finance, professional services, government and journalism.

Alaco’s expertise is sought by clients whenever the gathering of intelligence and evidence can make a difference. Within the legal environment, this is most often in support of disputes, judgement enforcement, FCPA and other regulatory investigations, and private client matters. Such work is complemented and enhanced by Alaco’s experience and networks developed in the course of its noncontentious risk and compliance work.

A large part of Alaco’s work takes place in the context of disputes, either when a judgement has been obtained or when the dispute strategy is still being considered; the firm may be instructed by the parties themselves, by their legal advisers, or by funders.
Alaco assists clients prior to launching a claim by determining the enforceability of an award and mapping out the commercial (and political) reach of the other side. It provides support during the full life cycle of a case, providing admissible evidence to support proceedings across many jurisdictions and never losing sight of the need to identify points of leverage.
Recent case studies:
■ Helped enforce an ICSID award against a Latin American sovereign by targeting the assets of a state-owned enterprise and demonstrating that its operations were conducted on behalf of the government
■ Produced evidence of the corrupt schemes that led to the expropriation of company assets in an African state, including kickbacks paid to senior government officials
■ Recovered assets on behalf of a government agency in Central Asia by locating real estate across Western Europe and tracing financial flows through several countries in close collaboration with local FIUs
■ Demonstrated that a defaulting counterparty in a joint venture dispute was engaged in asset dissipation by booking new orders through an undisclosed entity registered offshore

FCPA and Other Investigations
Alaco supports clients facing regulatory investigations by independently assessing allegations of corporate malpractice and working with clients to remediate those problems.
Recent case study:
■ Finding evidence for a global contractor that its local JV partner had hidden its political exposure and the manner in which it had secured contracts in anticipation of DOJ action and for use in subsequent litigation.

International Private Client
Alaco works with law firms on behalf of High Net Worth clients to protect their assets, their reputation and their freedom of movement – whether in response to an action or pre-emptively.
Recent case studies:
■ Defended a client’s assets by demonstrating that a legal campaign launched in a number of offshore jurisdictions by a government agency and related commercial parties constituted corporate raiding
■ Supported a client’s asylum petition to the UK Home Office by providing expert testimony and evidence that the actions of law enforcement bodies in the home jurisdiction were politically motivated
■ Reviewed a HNW’s public footprint to assess reputational issues which might have been preventing certain commercial relationships

Business Intelligence
Alaco enables clients to mitigate reputational and regulatory risk in their commercial relationships. The company works across continents and across sectors to deliver wellsourced analysis of key issues, principally to help with:
■ Pre-transaction due diligence
■ Client onboarding
■ Market entry/country risk assessments
■ Supply chain integrity
■ Sanctions exposure
■ Senior hires

Alaco Analytics
Alaco provides specialist due diligence reporting for the digital asset space. Through a combination of blockchain analytics, public record research and source intelligence, the firm identifies and assesses regulatory and reputational risks associated with counterparties whose activities span the traditional and digital realms.

Across this full range of investigative services, Alaco brings creativity, sound judgement and commercial sensitivity to its work.

Litigation Support

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