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Chairman: Kristinn Hallgrimsson
Managing Partner: Gudmundur Siemsen
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 13
Languages: Danish, English, French, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish

Firm Overview:
ADVEL Attorneys at Law builds on a history of law practice for over 50 years but has operated under the name of ADVEL as of 2007. The firm has always had a strong international focus; many of the partners and staff having concluded legal education abroad and acquired international work experience in both the private sector and international institutions. The firm may be described as a boutique law firm, providing tailor-made services and legal advice in all fields relating to corporate law, finance and public affairs.

Practice Areas:
Banking, Finance & Capital Markets,
EU/EEA Law & Competition,
Financial Restructuring & Insolvency,
Construction, Real Estate & Public Procurement,
Insurance & Tort,
Litigation & Arbitration,
IP/IT & Electronic Communications

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets:
ADVEL provides legal advice in all fields related to banking, finance and capital markets. In particular, the firm has extensive experience related to various bond programmes and cross-border related issues. ADVEL provides a full range service regarding securities trading, loan agreements and financing in general. ADVEL also provides advice related to all regulatory issues, in particular in relation to cross EEA matters including the ESFS and the relevant European Authorities.
Contact: Dora Sif Tynes
Email: [email protected]

EU/EEA Law & Competition:
ADVEL has for years had a particularly strong presence in the field of EU/EEA law and Competition with vast experience of working with EU and EFTA Institutions as well as appearing before the EFTA Court and the EU Courts. In recent years ADVEL has in particular focused on the field of state aid related to restructuring of companies and divestiture following the economic crisis and provided advice to both private entities and public bodies. At the local level, ADVEL has extensive experience in the field of competition law and representing clients both before national competition authorities and courts.
Contact: Dora Sif Tynes
Email: [email protected]

Financial Restructuring & Insolvency:
ADVEL provides a full range service related to restructuring of companies, composition agreements and insolvency proceedings, building on decades of experience in the field. ADVEL has provided advice in some of the most extensive composition agreements entered into post economic crisis and has been engaged by both local and foreign stakeholders.
Contact: Kristinn Hallgrimsson
Email: [email protected]

ADVEL provides extensive legal advice in mergers and acquisitions including finance and loan agreements, project structuring and all regulatory issues, where particular emphasis has been placed on advising on the impact of foreign currency restrictions currently in place.
Contact: Stefan Thor Ingimarsson
Email: [email protected]

Construction, Real Estate & Public Procurement:
In construction, ADVEL has experience in working with the FIDIC standards in addition to general contract law. The firm has vast experience in the field of public procurement in particular representing clients before public authorities and courts.
Contact: Gudmundur Siemsen
Email: [email protected]

Insurance & Tort:
ADVEL has been engaged by both local and foreign (re-)insurance companies in complex cases related to application and interpretation of national and international terms of contract.
Contact: Stefan Thor Ingimarsson
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Arbitration:
ADVEL has a strong litigation team which members appear regularly both before the District Courts and the Supreme Court. Team members have unmatched experience in Iceland in litigation before the EFTA Court and the EU Courts. ADVEL has experience in all forms of dispute resolution including both domestic and complex multijurisdictional litigation and arbitration.
Contact: Guðmundur Siemsen
Email: [email protected]

ADVEL provides extensive employment law advice and support to both private entities, syndicates and public entities. In particular, ADVEL has for years been a prominent firm in providing legal advice related to work permits, posting of workers and other issues related to free movement of persons.
Contact: Oskar Nordmann
Email: [email protected]

IP/IT & Electronic Communications:
ADVEL builds on years of experience in the field of electronic communications law and team members have in house experience from the sector and regulatory bodies. The firm provides general and company specific advice on all issues related to the reform of the EU data protection legislation. ADVEL has regularly advised on complex license agreements, including cross-border issues, as well as general IP protection.
Contact: Dora Sif Tynes
Email: [email protected]