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Head of Chambers: Collingwood Thompson QC
Chief Executive: Harry Charlton
Senior Clerks: Paul Eeles (Civil), Steven Wright (Criminal)
Tenants: 84 (71 members, 13 QCs)

THE CHAMBERS The Chambers 7BR is a leading multi-disciplinary set, providing unrivalled expertise across a broad spectrum of the law. Widely recognised for its long-established history in advocacy and advisory services, members deliver innovative solutions to complex legal problems and succeed in some of the most challenging of cases. 7BR has a reputation for excellence; “the set is applauded for its members’ high quality and secures instructions in cases of the highest calibre” —Chambers and Partners. 84 members, including 13 QCs, practice in courts and tribunals throughout England and Wales as well as internationally. Members have recently appeared in high profile cases in Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The set’s expertise is evidenced by the number of members going on to distinguished service in the judiciary; as justices of both the Court of Appeal and the High Court, Recorders, Arbitrators and Regulators — in addition to two Lord Chief Justices. 7BR barristers pride themselves on providing an approachable service, working closely with clients to understand the personal or commercial drivers underlying any given litigation. Both members and clerks work tirelessly to ensure that lay clients are well-informed at all stages of the process. 7BR is actively involved in probono work. Alongside efforts to promote equality and diversity at the Bar, Chambers also supports charitable causes through participation in fundraising events.

■ Child & Family Law
■ Clinical Negligence
■ Commercial
■ Court of Protection
■ Crime
■ Employment
■ Financial Crime
■ Inquests & Inquiries
■ Offshore & International
■ Personal Injury
■ Product Liability
■ Public Law
■ Regulatory & Professional Discipline
■ Sports Law


Simeon Maskrey QC (1977) (QC-1995)

Collingwood Thompson QC (1975) (QC-1998) +

Derek Sweeting QC (1983) (QC-2001) + A

Richard Clayton QC (1977) (QC-2002) A

Rachel Langdale QC (1990) (QC-2009)

Steven Ford QC (1992) (QC-2010)

Barbara Connolly QC (1986) (QC-2011)

Hugh Preston QC (1994) (QC-2012) A

Pavlos Panayi QC (1995) (QC-2014)

James House QC (1995) (QC-2015)

Adam Weitzman QC (1993) (QC-2016)

Andrew Wheeler QC (1988) (QC-2017) A

Vanessa Marshall QC (1994) (QC-2018)

Deirdre Goodwin (1974)

Julian D Matthews (1979) +

Simon Wheatley (1979)

Jeremy Pendlebury (1980)

Susan C Reed (1984)

Timothy Walker (1984) A

Adam Clemens (1985)

Simon King (1987) +

David Matthew (1987) A

Gordon Aspden (1988)

Smair Soor (1988) A

Catherine Rayner (1989) A

Tim Meakin (1989) A

Brendan Roche (1989) + A

Susan Belgrave (1989) A

Leslie Keegan (1989)

Graham Huston (1991) +

Adam Korn (1992)

Maryam Syed (1993) + A

Luke Blackburn (1993) A

Jeffrey Jupp (1994) A

Bilal Rawat (1995)

Anwar Nashashibi (1995)

Andrea Chute (1995) A

Hari Kaur (1995) A

Elaine Banton (1996) A

Susannah Johnson (1996) A

Adrian Langdale (1996) +

Anita Guha (1997)

Rachel Darby (1997)

Justin Slater (1999) A

Jenny Carter-Manning (1999) + A

Kate Lumbers (1999)

Gareth Weetman (1999)

Nick Cropp (1999) A

Adam Walker (2000) A

Steven Gray (2000) A

Richard Baker (2000)

David O’Mahony (2000) + A

Gina Allwood (2002) A

Nick Jack (2002)

Hanisha Patel (2002) A

William Chapman (2003) A

Jonathan Bertram (2003) A

Conor Dufficy (2004) A

Christina Lyons (2004)

Craig Carr (2005)

Lee Parkhill (2005) A

Ashley Pratt (2006)

Robert Harland (2006)

James Weston (2007) A

Patricia Leonard (2007) A

Daniel Bishop (2007) A

Liam Ryan (2007)

Saara Idelbi (2008) A

Alex Young (2008)

Ben Isaacs (2009) A

James Robottom (2009)

Caroline Lody (2009) A

James Macdonald (2010) A

Helen Compton (2011) A

Simon Rowbotham (2011)

Dr Gregory Burke (2012)

Samantha Jones (2012) A

Christopher Canning (2014)

Kirsty Lea (2014)

Jas Jandu (2014)

Rose Harvey (2015) A

Emily Mitchell (2015)

Kitty Geddes (2016)

+ Recorder A Public/Direct Access