Submission Guidelines for HNW

For law firms

Please use the same submission and referees templates as for the other Chambers ranking guides. These are uploaded through the portal on the Chambers website in the same way as other submissions.

You are permitted to provide up to 20 work highlights. The submission form is divided into a green section for publishable matters and a red section for confidential matters.

You can divide your 20 highlights between the publishable and confidential sections in any proportion. If you cannot include any publishable client names or work highlights, please feel free to delete the publishable section and add extra pages to the confidential section.

Further submissions guidance for law firms is available here.

For accounting firms, banks, wealth managers and fiduciaries

Chambers High Net Worth submission

Please provide a brief 2-3 page memo which includes:

  • Details of your firm's main service lines for high net worth individuals
  • Biographical information about key individuals
  • Explanation of what sets your firm apart from its competitors in the market

Other helpful information might include:

  • New account minimums (if applicable)
  • Particular areas of focus
  • Details of specific expertise in international jurisdictions

Please also provide the name and email address of a PR or marketing contact and of a senior member of staff who would be available to be interviewed by one of our researchers.


Though not required, you are also welcome to provide a list of no more than 20 potential references who we can interview to get an objective view of your firm's services. These can be clients or professional contacts at other organisations who you work closely with on high net worth matters.

Please get permission from your references before including them on the form. We never tell firms which of their references have responded to our request for interview and all of our interviews are conducted on a not-for-attribution basis.

If you have any questions, please email the Research Director.