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Chambers FinTech is a comprehensive guide to the leading Fintech professionals across the world. Chambers recommendations are based on several months of research by a dedicated, independent team conducting hundreds of in-depth interviews with leading innovators and experts worldwide.

Chambers FinTech 2019

Chambers Fintech Professional Services

FinTech 2019 features the professional advisers with their fingers on the pulse and the ability to guide fintechs through any challenge and obstacle they might face. We consider the types of professional service featured - legal, venture capital, consulting and public relations - to be central to the growth of a great many companies in the sector.

Expansion of coverage

Chambers Fintech coverage

Chambers FinTech 2019 is a significant expansion of our coverage of professional services in the sector. While the first edition examined seven jurisdictions and featured one global-wide legal ranking table, this second edition features rankings for four professional services in 22 jurisdictions. These are:

  • UK
  • North America: USA, Canada
  • Europe: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Gibraltar
  • - Asia-Pacific: China (inc. Hong Kong), Singapore, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia
  • - Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria

 Contributed articles include:

An Overview of the U.S. FinTech Market, by K&L Gates

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Chambers FinTech 2019 is a unique proposition to those who want to find the best professional adviser or those who want to enhance their profile within this innovative environment. If you are a professional adviser and would like to learn more about the commercial opportunities available please contact Matt Phillips.