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Why is my referee showing as Emailed or Contacted before the research looks to have started?

Sometimes the same person is put forward to Chambers as a referee for multiple firms, or for multiple different practice areas and departments within the same firm.

If a referee is showing in your list as ‘Emailed’ before the research for the area you are viewing has started, this means we have recently reached out to this individual for a different area of our research. If a referee is showing in your list as ‘Contacted’ before research has started this means we have had a response to an email about a different area of our research. Usually, this will be because this person has been put forward as a referee for several different areas of our research. This is no cause for alarm. If we are able to arrange an interview with this referee we will always ensure we cover as any many of the different law firms and lawyers as possible / as many as the person is willing to talk about.

Please note that to avoid overburdening clients who are put forward as referees, we have a general policy against emailing or interviewing anybody more than once during a 3 month period. If you notice a referee has been ‘Emailed’ for your section ahead of research and you have confirmed that they are happy for us to try and contact them again, please let our researcher know and we can advise on how best to follow up. However, if we have had a response from a referee and that referee is shown as ‘Contacted’ in your Referee Management tool, this indicates that this referee has received and considered our request for feedback and this person should now be left in peace.

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